ORKNEY TIMELINE - 380,000,000 B.C. to the present


ORKNEY TIMELINE is a booklet summarising major events in Orkney over the last 380 million years. The first 378,200,000 years get short shrift as do the next 1.8 million years of Palaeolithic. Evidence in Orkney of the Mesolithic, while tantalisingly thin, does exist and from thereon Orkney's history through the Neolithic, Bronze and Iron Ages, comes into ever clearer focus. While mostly specific to Orkney, some notable world events relevant to Orkney are included. There is also a calendar of Orkney customs and a map.

To order a copy please email and include the address where you want the booklet sent. Payment via Paypal only. Price including UK postage is £5 per copy.

Orkney Timeline ORKNEY TIMELINE is printed as an A5 booklet, i.e. [currently] twelve A5 sheets printed on both sides, two pages per side, which when folded in half form a booklet of 48 pps plus illustrated cover printed on thicker paper, and a folded A4 map - see image at left. Here are a few sample pages. The printed pages will be supplied on unfolded, unsewn A5 sheets.

sewing The booklet can be stapled or sewn together. Being a book-nerd I prefer the latter. In case you don't know how, make a small hole with a needle about ¾” in from the top edge plus another 4 evenly-spaced holes about 1” apart through the centre fold of the pages. Then, starting from ‘A’, sew as in the diagram below. [Click to enlarge.] Tie A and B together on the inside of the centre-fold to finish. When folded in 4, the map can be glued inside the back cover with a thin line of glue applied to the bottom left hand edge. When you have assembled the booklet, insert in pocket and consult frequently. Ideal for revision in the pub. Enjoy!

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