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Below are all references to Linklater I have found in Peterkin's Rentals.

24 marks = 1 settin or 1 lispund
6 settins or lispunds = 1 meil
24 meills = 1 last

The settin was for measuring grain, the lispund measured butter. To add to the fun there were two weighing balances or pundlars; bere-pundlar weights were only two thirds of malt-pundlar weights. The logic being that bere, a small-grained barley, was worth less than malt.



North Sandwik

THIS SET AND RENTALE of North Sandwik maid at Kirkwall the vj day of marche the yeir of God Im Ve et thre yeiris And all the tennentis thairof to pay for the cropt et fruitis that grew this ilk inftant yeir And for uther thre yeiris nixt thereftir as this rentale proportis In all maner of dettis et land male

LYNKCLET iij đ terre ant in butter ſcat j ſpan Jam tantum Inde ſtent j leiſp. Et in malt ſcat ant ij m ~ Jam tantum Et in forcop ant v đ Jam tantum and uthale land totum. [p.62]

LYNKCLET 3 penny land [formerly] in butter tax 1 pail now the same Inde [?] tax rate 1 lispund. And in malt tax [formerly] 2 meils now the same. And in forcop (see note above!) [formerly] 5 pence now the same and udal land [the whole].


Pro Rege et Episcopo.

Pro Rege.

LINKLETER 3d. terre, payis in butter scat 1 lisp. in scat silver 3s. in scat malt 2 meils. [p.48]

The ane half of WARTH fallen in escheat to my Lord for theft, by William Linklater in Sanday, payis in land mail 3 lisp. butter. [p.49]

Pro Epo.

LINKLETTER 3d. terrae, pait of auld 5 meils cost, and now payis in teynd 6 m. cost, 1 meil flesche. [p.49]

Pro Rege.

BURWALL, LINKLET, and WINDWICK 9d. terre, in stent oil 9 lisp. in scat silver 3s. in scat ordei 15 meils 4½ setts.; et in land mail of 3 farthings terre p. Rege, 4 m. 4 s. 7½ mks. ordei, and of auld 2 meils flesche, and now payis 3 meils flesche, 113 pultrie. [p.97]


The TREW and JUST RENTALL of all the Fermes, Debtis, Dewties, and Gersumes of the Landis of the Parochin off SOWTH and NORTH SANDWIK, trewlie givin up be MANS. LUTIT in Lykin, Taksman yrof, the [blank] day of Julii 1614, to ane Reverand Faither in God, JA. Bischop off ORKNAY, to be producit befor his Ma.tis Counsell and Lordis of his Highnes Schaker, for the qlk the said MANS. will be ansrable as follow, be thir pntis subt. wt. his hand.


LINKLITTER 3d. terre uthell, payis in butter scatt 1 ls., in scatt silver 3s., and in scatt malt 2 m., and in teind 4 m. malt and 2 m. flesh. [p.139]


The TREW and IUST RENTALL of the FERMES, DEWTIES, and GERSUMES of the Bishoprik of ORKNAY.


LINKLETTER, thrie d. land, uthell, in butt. scat 1 ls., in scat silver 3s. in scat malt 2 m., in teynd 4 m. malt, 2 m. meal 1 m. fleshe. [p.20]




LINKLETTER Thrie đ vdall payis m butter ſcat j ls in ſcat ſilver iij s in ſcat malt ij m~ in teind iiij m~ malt and ij m~ meall and of fleſh j m~ fleſh
The teinds of north vnigair payis yearlie of malt ij m~ ij ſe xvj merk and of meall j m~ j ſe viij merk and of fleſh iiij ſe
The teinds of quoyis j m~ j ſe viij merk malt and of meall iij ſe xvj mk and of fleſh ij ſe. [p.22/3]
ſe above only approximates the original which looks like an old-fashioned s e.g. ſ joined to an elaborated e, signifying I think, ‘settin.




GRAMSAY compts for Burwick, ps. 3s. scat sr. 1 m. malt; in scat. attour the teinds refd. to his accompt in Orphir.
It. for 3d. land of Forsewell, ps. 1s. 6d. scat. sr. 3 sett. scat. malt attour the the [sic] teinds refd. to his accot. as a.
It. he compts for 3d. land of South Seatter, ps. 3s. scat sr. 3 sett. malt, attour the teinds refd. as a.
It. he pays for the teynds of a. lands, conform to Breckness decreet of valuation, 6 m. 3 sett. 14 mk. malt, refd. as a.
It. for 13 of Yeswnaby, the whole being 6d. land 2 mk. p. d. land last laboured by John Louttit, ps. 2 m. malt, in teynd 1 m. 16 mk. malt, 3 sett. 8 mk. meall, refd as a.
It. for the other 13 last laboured by Geo. Thomson, ps. Tantum and for 1 mk. p. Rege, ¼ bar. but. refd. as a.
It. for anoyr, 13 thereof last laboured by Geo. Linklatter, ps. as a. Jo. Louttit, and for the land meall of 1d. escheat land last lab. by him 1. m. meall. Refd. as a. [p.20/1]


ALEXR. LINKLATTER in Looth compts for 1d. p. Rege, ps. 8 mk. butt. 1s. scat sr.; in scat. 4 sett. malt, in land meall 3 sett. malt, 3 sett. flesh, 6s. 8d. of grassum, 2 poultry, and for peats 5s. Rests all is £8, 15s.
It. he compts for 1 fd. ud. ld. ps. 2 mk. butt. 3d. scat sr., 1 sett. malt, and 7½d. for peats. Rests all is £1, 4s. 2½d.
It. he compts for Tantum pays Tantum. Rests all is £1, 4s. 2½d.
It. he compts for 2d. 2 fd. Moabsland, ps. 20 mk. butter, 2s. 6d. scat sr. 10 sett. malt, and for peats 6s. 3d. divided as follows, viz. [p.24] [There follows a list of other names and scats.]

SCORWALL 45d. Land, 9d. BRAKOS Land.

GEORGE LINKLATTER compts for 2d. ud. ld. ps. 16 mk. butter, 2s. scat sr., 8 st. malt, 5s. for peats;
It. for 1d. p. Rege ps. 1s. scat sr. 8 mk. butt. 4 sett. malt, 2s. 6d. for peats, 1d. p. Rege ps. Tantum butter, scat. sr. malt, peats, and in land meall ½ capon and ¾ poultry. Refd. to his accompt in Housgairth. [p.26]

SOWIE LAND 9d. Land.

THOMAS LINKLATTER in Quoys compts for 3d. 3 fd. p. Rege, ps. 1 lp. 6 mk. butt., 3s. 9d. scat sr., 2½m. malt, 3 poultry, 3¾ capon, and for peats 9s. 4½d., and for ½d. p. Rege yr. ps. 4 mk. butter, 6d. scat sr., 2 sett. malt, and for peats 1s. 3d.;
It. for the teynds of a Quoy ps. 1 sett. 20 mk. malt, 22 mk. meall, 12 mk. flesh, and for the teinds of Northunniger ps. 1423 mk. malt, 1713 mk. meall, 4 mk. flesh, and for Quoyskeathrow 9 sett. malt; extends to 1 lp. 10 mk. butter, 4s. 3d. scat sr., 4 m. 4 sett. l023 mk. malt, 3 poultry, 3¾ capon, and for peats 10s.7½d. 1 sett. 513 mk. meall, and 16 mk. flesh. Rests all is £34, 5s. 116d. [p.27]
Well, you know what they say; look after the 16ths of a penny and pennies will look after themselves.


WILLIAM LINKLATTER in Over Quoys compts for 3d. p. Rege, ps. 1 lp. 16 mk. butt. 5s. scat sr., 3 m. 2 sett. malt, and in land maill 5 capons, 3 poultry, and for peats 12s. 6d., and for a quoy 8 sett. malt, and for the tynds thereof 5½ sett. malt, 2 sett. 18 mk meall; and for the teynds of Northunniger 22 mk. malt. 11 mk. meall; extends to 1 lp. 16 mk. butter, 5 m. 4 sett. 10 mk. malt, 3 sett. 5 mk. meall, 18s. 4d. of money, 3 poultry and 5 capons. Rests all is £43, 8s. 10d.
THOS. LINKLATTER compts for 7 fd. Sowie land, ps. 14 mk. butter, 15d. scat sr. 1 m. 1 sett. 6 mk. malt, 4s. 4½d. for peats, and l¾ capon. Rests all is £9, 5s. 2½d. [p.28]

NORTHUNNIGER, a Quoy without Scat.

HUGH LINKLATTER compts for ½ thereof, ps. 1 m. 1 sett. 18 mk. malt, 3 sett. 8 mk. meall, and in land maill 2 sett. flesh. Rests all is £ll, 12s. l½d.
It. he compts for 13 of 13 thereof, ps. 2 sett 11 mk. malt, 1 sett. 513 mk. meall, 16 mk. flesh. Rests all is £3, l7s. 9¾d.
GEORGE LINKLATTER compts for 13 of ½ thereof, refd. to his accomt in Scorwall. [p.29]

HOUSEGAIR 18d. Land.

GEORGE LINKLATTER in Housegair compts for 1d. p. Rege, and 1 fd. ud. land, ps. 10 mk. butt., 15d. scat sr., and in land maill 1 m. 5 sett. 18 mk. malt, 1½ poultry, 3 sett. 18 mk; flesh, and for peats 3 fd.;
It. for 3d. land in Grindilo 9s.; should pay 1 lp. butt. 3s. scat sr., 4½ m. malt, 2½ m. flesh, 3 poultry; but sett for 2½ m. malt;
It. for 3 fd. ud. ld. of Geo. Traill's in Wastray, with 1d. p. Rege, ps. 14 mk. butt., in scat. of the ud. ld. 3 sett. malt; in scat. and land maill of the King's land 10 sett. malt, 5 sett. flesh, 4s. 4½d. for peats, 1¾ poultry;
It. for 2d. ud. land in Scorwall, ps. 16 mk. butter, 2s. scat sr. 8 sett. malt, 5s. for peats;
It. for 1d. p. Rege there, 1s. scat sr. 8 mk. butt. 4 sett. malt, 2s. 6d. for peats, and in land malt ½ cappon, and ¾ poultry; extends to 2 lp. butter, 4s. 3d. scat sr., 8 m. 3 sett. 18 mk. malt, 1 m. 2 sett. 18 mk. flesh, 14s l0½d. for peats, 4 poultry, and ½ capon. Rests all is £56, 8s. 4½d.
6d. land in Pow and Myre contained in Breckness Charter, and Rentall. [p.29/30]

LINKLATTER 3d. Land, whereof ROBERT RICHAN Herr.

HARY LEASK and JOHN LINKLATTER in Or. Linklatter compt for 5½ fd. land there, ps. 11 mk. butt.; 1s. 4d. scat sr., 2½ m. 21 mk. malt, 5 sett. 2 mk. meall, 2 sett. 18 mk. flesh, and for peats 3s. 9d. Rests all is £22, 19s. 10¾d. [p.30]

SCABRAE Neather Town, being 9d. Land.

JOHN LINKLATTER compts for 2 fd. ud. land, ps. 4 mk. butter, 6d. scat sr., 4 sett. malt, 1 sett. meall, and for peats Is. 4d. Rests all is £5, 10s. 2d.
It. he compts for 3½ fd. Erixland, ps. 7 mk. butt. 10½d. scat sr., 7½ sett. malt, 1 sett. 18 mk. meall, and for peats 2s. 2¼d. Rests all is £10, 1s. 10½d. [p.32]



CLUCK 6d. Land, 3 mk. p. d. Land

WILLIAM ALLAN ps. for the half of Linklatter house 1s. 8d [p.39]

UTTER TOWN 36d. Land, 4 mk.p.d. Land

WILLIAM GORDON of Kairston compts for the Bull of Kairston, and ps. therefor 1 barr. butter, 7 meills malt, and in augmentation 6s. 8d.;
It. for 1d. land there, last laboured by Isobell Leask, ps. 3 m. malt;
It. for the milns of Kairston, ps. 6 m. meall;
It. for the few duetie of Thomas Spence house 10s., and for the half of Linklatter's house 1s. 8d.;
It. for Harabreck, ps. 1 m. malt, 1 m. flesh,;
It. for Naver Shaw, ps. 6 m. malt, 6 m. flesh;
It, for 1d. land of the Bull ot Kairston. ps. 2½ m. malt;
It. for 2d. land of Garson, ps. 5 m. malt, 2½ m. flesh;
It. for ½d. land in Forse, ps. 1 m. 1½ sett. malt;
It. for 1d. land in Litle Fea, ps. 2½ m. malt;
It. for How, ps. 10 m. malt, 10 m. flesh;
It. for Feavell, ps. 6 m. 1½ sett. malt; extends to 1 barrell butter, 44 m. 3 sett. malt, 19 m. 3 sett. flesh, 6 m. meall, and 6s. 8d. of augmentation, beside lls. 8d. of few duetie for Thos. Spence and Linklatter house. Payd the butter, and rests the oyr. dueties is £309, 11s. 8d. [p.41/2]



ROBERT RICHAN of Linklatter compts for Hornesquoy, ps. ½ barr. butt., 1 m. malt, 3 st. meall, and 2s. of augmentation. Payd the butter, rests the oyr. dueties is £9, 7s.;
It. for Redland £14, lls. 7½d.;
It. for Hugh Linklatter in Northunniger £2, 16s l½d,;
It. for Or. Linklatter £22, 19s. I0¾d.;
It. for Nr. Linklatter £18, 6s. 1013d.;
It. for ½d. land yr. lab. by Robt. Hourston, £ll, 16s. 7d.;
It. for Mag. Garson in Scabrae £1, 8s. 8d
It. for Jo. Sabiston yr. £.1, 2s. 6¾d., inde, rests £82, 9s. 356d. [p.59]


The TAKMAN COMPT of the Parochin of SANDWEIK of the Crope and yeir of God 1m VIc and tuelf, maid at Kirkwall the 20 day of November 1613 zeires, be MAGNUS LUTTETT, takman thereof, as followes:

Nov. 20, 1613.

There follows a list of exonerations only one of which mentions a Linklater;

Exoneratioun of Scatt Butter.

The compter exoneris him of threttie leispd. ten merk half merk butter, payit be the commounes to the butter buith, as Robert Chalmer his scroll of ressett beiris, 30 leisp. 10 merk ½ merk. And of thrie leisp. fyve merk butter, payit to the place of the Yardis, as Walter Dundas his tickett beiris, 3 leispund 5 merk. And of fourtene merk butter payit be Thomas Linkletter to Mr John Finlasone, as his tickett beiris, 14 merk butter. And of a leispd. butter for the scatt butter of 3d. terre in Newger, occupyet be Hew Sinclair, takman of Stromnes, quha wald not come to compt with the takman, for the quhilk he man be ansuerable, 1 leisp. butter.
Summa exonerationis of scatt butter, threttie fyve liesp. fyve merk half merk.
Sua restis 41 leispd. 22 merk half merk butter.
In argent at £3 the leispond £125, l6s. 3d. [p.94]


LIST of HERITORS in the Bishopric Parishes in Orkney who pay the Land-Tax, &c. taken from the Valuation-Book of the County, with the Valuation of their Lands. 1820.

  SANDWICK. £. s. d.
  William Graham Watt of Brecknes, his lands 671 2 2
  Hellen, Mary, and Jean Grahams 142 19 0
  John Louttit, merchant, Stromness 92 16 6
  Edward Irvlne of Quoybow 38 1 0
5 James Marwick 6 0 6
  Thomas Brass 1 8 0
  Edward Irving 3 4 0
  John Garson of Bea 25 4 0
  John Garson of Fidge 12 4 4
10 Thomas Brass, Instabellie 2 5 0
  Rev. Wm. Clouston, minister 12 4 4
  William Traill of Woodwick 3 6 4
  Thomas Linklatter, [sic] Housegairth 3 6 4
  Geo. Traill of Skaile 6 7 0
15 Mrs Thomas Omond 16 11 0
  John Moar in Sorepool 12 10 0
  And. Johnston's purchased from Sir Wm. Honyman 19 8 10
  Hugh Craigie, Westray 9 13 10
  William or Essie Sabiston 0 14 0
20 David Geddes, Stromness 15 9 0
  William Hourston of Lyking 51 8 0
  John Wishart and Thomas Johnston 39 11 4
  Samuel Hourston 2 4 10
  William Smith 7 5 6
25 Mrs Norie 4 3 8
  Murdoch M'Kenzie of Groundwater 18 14 10
  Thomas Louttit 13 5 2
  William Brown of Voy 9 15 6
  Robert Clouston 16 14 4
30 Mrs Robert Scollay, Kirkwall 21 3 9
  David Norn in Westwall 4 7 0
  Hugh Brown in Quire 6 14 4
  William Moar in Stromness 1 3 7
  William Allan there 1 9 2
35 Thomas Tyrie 4 9 4
  James Ross, Stromness 2 19 10
  John Irvine in Skarbreck 16 14 1029
  Hugh Stockan in Stockan, his lands 7 10 0
  Catharine Duncan 4 5 4
40 Lord Dundas of Ask, part of the Bishopric of Orkney 2137 8 1113
  William G. Watt of Breckness 356 18 5
  John Louttit and James Spence 144 3 7
  William Miller, writer 33 12 6
  James Riddoch of Cairston 182 14 8
45 Helen, Mary, and Jean Grahams 132 18 6
  William Richan of Rapness (W. G. Watt) 0 4 0
  Harry Cruckshank 3 9 9
  Mrs Melvine 10 7 6
  James Ross 13 3 4
50 Isobel Smith 5 7 1
  William Wards and others 10 4 0
  John Sinclair 10 8 7
  William Linklater [sic] 17 6 10
  Robert Clouston 8 13 5
55 David Beatton 30 10 8
  Robert Gillies 4 11 8
  Edward Irvine of Quoylorr 9 1 6
  John Robertson's heirs 61 4 8
  David Geddes (sold to various small proprietors) 6 19 4
56 [sic] Peter Brown 4 12 8
  Alexander Calvil (Thomas Pollesfen, Esq.) 20 5 9
  Mags. Beaton 4 11 8
  William Wards 8 9 10
  Lord Dundas of Ask, part of the Bishoprick of Orkney 456 10 7
65 Robert M'Kenlay 8 13 5
  Also listed are: Walls, Hoy, Holm, St. Ola, Orphir and Shapinsay but no Linklaters
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