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The links below are to files that contain data about my LINKLATER ancestors from ORKNEY. I have included links to some other related genealogical data that might be of interest to anyone who has navigated this far up the creek. They are all ‘as found’; unedited, no guarantees etc apart from my own GEDCOM which caused my software [which I would not recommend to anyone !] to raise its electronic eyebrows. These ‘warnings’ appear in the lower table. When/if answers are forthcoming I shall correct the Warnings. If you have any information, corrections, hints, advice etc I would be very please to hear from you - especially if you have any images!

LINKS LEADING FAMILIES Male/Female of preceding generations. File
b. 1948
LINKLATER: [1] Boissard; [2] Soundy, Melville; [3] Bell, Palmer, Berthe, Chandler; [4] Irvine, Flint, Cole, Choppin, Stewart; [5] Towers, Johnston, Hodges, (Goodacre?), Blagrove, Lyte, Rock, [6] Willson, Hunter, Herriot, Jordan; continues [7...], [8...], [9...], [10...], [11...] GED
b. 1948
HARRIS [Schaumburg]: [1] Willshee; [2] Soundy, Thornley; [3] [SCHAUMBURG], Palmer, Bagnall, Bailey; [4] de Winde, McLean, Gauntlett, Cole, Broadhurst, Leawood, Babington, James; [5] Renaud, van den Hoeck, Betchwood, Fry, Hunt, Blagrove, Jelly, Smith, Chesel, Morrel; [6] Janssens, Poitier, Roggheman, Seresia, Hutchins, Arthur, Johnson, Savage, Charlesworth, Hunt, Kelly, Richards, Chambers, Derrick; continues [7...], [8...], [9...], [10...] GED
b. 1771
Gedcom from the internet. Earliest Linklater is a James born c. 1771. I have come across several other, differently named ’Linklater’ GEDCOMs on the internet which all appear to contain the same data as this, which has 1554 individuals in 484 famillies. There seems to be no connection with my own branch. GED
Housegarth Linklaters of Linklater and Housegarth starting with Criste Ælinklet “goodman 1424” PDF
Windiwalls Linklaters of Windiwalls, Stromness starting with Hugh Linklater (1747-1818) married to Catherine Wilson (1746-1810) PDF
Kirbuster Linklaters of Kirbuster, Stromness and Skaill Mill, Sandwick starting with Andrew Linklater (c. 1756-1821+) married to Jannet Irvine (1754-1821+) PDF
Others Linklaters other than those connected with the above properties. PDF
Irvines of
Irvines of Croval starting with John Irving (c.1704-1799) married to Janet Baikie PDF

GEDCOM Warnings for Duncan Linklater

Latest report generated 26.xi.2018. If you can shed any light on any of the following please get in touch.

Record nos. Abreviations: b=born; c=christened; d=died;
br=buried; mb=mother born; md=mother died;
fb=father born; fd=father died; pm=parents married;
660 Agatha Rose Chandler [660]
Born when a Parent was under 13 years old.
[b. 8 Apr 1870 and mb. 9 Jul 1864]
425 Christopher Chandler [425]
D.o.b. before Parents' Marriage.
[pm. 7 Mar 1792 and b. ca. 1790]
461 Gertrude Chandler [461]
D.o.b. more than 20 years after Parents' Marriage.
[pm. 1853 and b. ca. 1875]
668 William Edward Chandler [668]
D.o.b. more than 20 years after Parents' Marriage.
[pm. 28 Dec 1813 and b. 12 Mar 1836]
662 Ann Glanville [662]
D.o.b. after Mother is 50 years old.
[mb. 8 Apr 1870 and b. ca. 1924]
664 John Glanville [664]
D.o.b. after Mother is 50 years old.
[mb. 8 Apr 1870 and b. ca. 1926]
634 Frederick Carol Melville [634]
Married before Age 13.
[b. 27 Jan 1930 and m. 11 May 1935]
644 Jean Isobel Melville [644]
D.o.b. more than 20 years after Parents' Marriage.
[pm. 19 Apr 1877 and b. 7 Sep 1903]
405 Mary Stewart Choppin Melville [405]
Married before Age 13.
[b. 20 Aug 1887 and m. 14 Aug 1900]
641 Stephen Doorly Melville [641]
D.o.b. more than 20 years after Parents' Marriage.
[pm. 1918 and b. 18 May 1940]
701 Pleasant Painter [701]
Birth Date after a Parent's Death Date.
[b. c. 1805 and md. post 1804]
728 John Tregonwell [728]
Birth Date after a Parent's Death Date.
[b. 1701 and fd. 1677]
269 John Willson [269]
D.o.b. more than 20 years after Parents' Marriage.
[pm. 15 Dec 1743 and b. 28 Jan 1775]

Info about Chandler, Glanville and Melville all from Lucy de Rios. 701 and 728 relate to Sally's ancestors on the Simmonds side. 269 is an Orkney ancestor and the data, checked with that held by OFHS, is probably correct. John was the last of 9 children.

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