SIMMONDS Family History

The HESKETH branch

Stanley HESKETH and Vera Halliday.

Vera and family

Stanley and Vera

Stanley Hesketh married Vera Halliday in 1915 in London. Stanley and Vera's first home was Eton Cottage, Llandaff, Cardiff which was quite close to Vera's parents at The Hermitage. Both their children were born at Eton cottage.

  • Thomas Halliday Hesketh b. 12 July 1919 d. 18 July 2005
  • Elizabeth Joyce Hesketh b. 6 June 1921 d. 3 June 2007
Stanley was very close to his brother Thomas Humphrey (b. March 1892 d. 28 January 1919) and named his own son, born soon after Thomas' death, in his memory.

They moved down to Worthing on the South Coast when the children were quite young. After the 1st World War Stanley began developing property in the 1930's; Middleton Park Estate which consisted of smart residential properties and The Beach Estate, Felpham, originally for holiday houses and bungalows. At the same time Aldwick Bay Estate was developed by Ranks (famous flour people). The family lived at The Hermitage, The Rose Walk, Goring by Sea, Worthing (named after Vera's home in Cardiff). Stanley then built their beautiful house Highmead, Parkway, Felpham which was their home until the war when they decided to leave the South Coast for Weston Super Mare. Stanley also owned a house with a Petrol Garage forecourt, in Yapton, Sussex, which was let out and gave them income throughout their retirement.

The beginning of Tom and Elizabeth's schooling was at home where they were joined by two other children and a governess. Thereafter, Tom went to the Wickham House Prep School, Worthing and Elizabeth went to a PNEU (Parents National Educational Union) called The Den in Felpham. The school was named The Den because the house had been owned by the Earl of Strathmore, Claude Bowyes Lyons (father of Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother). He gave it the nickname The Lyons Den. The road is called Den Avenue now. Elizabeth then went to Woodgate House School, Grand Avenue, West Worthing. We have books she was given as a prizes for "needlework and general neatness" in 1931 and "Gardening" in 1933 from Woodgate House School. Tom went on to Churches in Petersfield and Elizabeth to The Welsh Girls School, Ashford, Middlesex. Elizabeth really loved school and made life-long friends. Her youngest daughter Vanessa followed her there some 35 years later by which time it was renamed St. David's.

Tom joined The Royal Signals. He married Nesta Mary Edwards 30 December 1948 with whom he had two children;

  • Peter Alun b. 14 August 1952 d. 20 February 1970 aged 17 years
  • Georgina b. 18 January 1957 m. John Gross September 1976
Georgina and John They have three children - Carly, Rosie & Ben waiting d.o.b.

Elizabeth went to the Middlesex Hospital in London to commence her nurses training which she completed at King Edward VII Hospital in Windsor in 1943. She then became a Theatre nurse at St Richards Hospital, Chichester. While nursing in Chichester Elizabeth met Pat Hunn who became a close friend and later her daughter Jane's Godmother. Pat and Elizabeth met Father David Greenstock who, after his ordination as a priest, was a curate in Chichester. It was about this time that Elizabeth became a Roman Catholic. Both Pat and Father David remained lifelong friends of the family. Father David Greenstock went on to be Rector of The English College in Valladolid. He was a theologian and made Rt Rev Monsignor. From Chichester Elizabeth joined the QA's (Queen Alexandra's Imperial Military Nursing Service) and went to work as a theatre sister in the battle hospitals in Palestine and Egypt. While there she met daddy, Christopher Simmonds whom she married in January 1948. They have their own page - see SIMMONDS 2.

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