Wedding Presents from Quivis


Special inscriptions for special occasions.

Till the wind... If you find wedding ‘gift lists’ off-putting, then consider inscribed wood for something personalized and unique. The PERFECT PRESENT, both decorative and useful, is a turned wooden dish with, for example, the couple's names, the date of the occasion and a quotation of your (or their) choice as shown here. More examples can be seen on the CALLIGRAPHY page with various suggestons on layout. The inscriptions are permanent and washable. These dishes normally have an oiled finish making them suitable for serving hot or cold food or for use as fruit dishes etc, but they can also be lacquered. For further details on finishes see my TREEN page. If you are stuck for a quotation, have a look at the QUOTATIONS page.

Overall diameter needs some thought; you can have too much of a good thing even with treen! And of course not enough is not enough. Much less than about 11 or 12 inches in diameter (280-305mm) is smaller than the average dinner plate. Anything much bigger than 16 to 18 inches in diameter (400-460mm) is getting very large and a potential embarrassment when it comes to being of practical use, i.e. in the centre of a table laden with food. You need a very large table (3’6” to 4’ wide) to accommodate an 18” dish in the middle and still have enough space each side for a place setting. I turned up to 24” diameter as a regular item - but you'd need well developed pectorals to heft it when full of gallimaufry.

Having survived the first 5 years of connubial bliss, WOOD is the appropriate material for your FIFTH ANNIVERSARY present. Bookmark this site and set your alarm! And kiss and make up; you know it makes sense - and it's good for business.

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