Just For Kids from Quivis


and small wooden bowls and spoons.

stools.jpg CREEPIES (rectangular stools) measure about 12” X 7” (290 x 180 mm) and stand about 8” (215mm) high. They can be personalized with any name, date, inscription or any DESIGN that you wish - within reason! The inscription is permanent. Creepies are very popular with the young who can lug them about, use them for Teddy's tea party etc. and be elevated by them to within spitting distance of the bathroom basin. They are ‘theirs’ not mummy's or daddy's! They also make admirable little chair-side tables for cups, plates and glasses (how many have you kicked over?). When not in use they will slide away under most chairs. The tops have a laquered satin finish and are heat, alcohol, water and urine resistant.

When I was still making creepies on commission, one for NEBUCHADNEZZAR would have cost £16.50 for the ‘stool’ and a further £21.00 for the lettering which would come to £35.50 Was he worth it? Round, three-legged MILKING STOOLS can also be inscribed. They stand about 12” high and were £22.50 for the stool and lettering was about £2 per letter.

2kids.jpg BABY'S FIRST PLATE. These are about 8” (200mm) in diameter and are usually sycamore but sometimes other fruit woods are used - cherry, apple, pear etc. They are washable and have the advantage of being virtually indestructible. So when the little tot drops it on the patio it will not smash like its pottery counterpart. They can be plain or inscribed around the rim or in the base but best is round the outside edge.

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