Astrological Horoscope Bowels from Quivis


Unique birth charts on wood.

These are 12” (305mm) and upwards in diameter and can show an individual's birth horoscope, or can be for an occasion such as a wedding and based on the date, time and place of the celebration or they can be composites of two people's birth charts. Whatever the event, I need at least the DATE and PLACE and, ideally, the TIME on which to base any horoscope. The example shown uses the Placidean house system. Please state if you have a preferance for Equal House, Quadrant or other system. I can also do other, more exotic types of horoscope based on Indian or Chinese methods. All I need is the information - and a deposit! Needless to say, no two will be the same and I believe I am the only person on Planet Earth doing them! There's probably a reason for that.

Some like ‘em ‘white’ and some like ‘em black. The black horoscope is the same dish as the one in the upper image but after it had been ebonized. Ebonizing costs an additional £20 per dish because it is messy, laborious, tricky to execute and causes discontent and frequent profanity among the staff.

Each horoscope, apart from the basic ‘chart’ with zodiacal signs, includes the sun, moon and 8 major planets plus all the major aspects. In spite of Pluto's demotion from planet to asteroid, I continue to use it unless you prefer not. Other objects can also be shown for an additional £2 each such as the Node (shown in the image in the same house as the moon - at 7 o'clock!), the ‘Part of Fortune’ and more-or-less any asteroid you want. The inscription is permanent and washable and the finish can be either OILED as in the upper image, making these dishes suitable for food etc, or LAQUERED in which case they are not washable and need little care. Lacquered dishes can be wiped with a damp cloth if necessary.

© 2018 Duncan Linklater