QUIVIS - Scottish Clan Badges


Indelibly inscribed on large wooden dishes.

sinclair.jpg Scottish Clan badges customarily adorn the tam-o'-shanter. Each Clan has a different badge or crest. That shown at left is Clan Sinclair's.

Clan Badges and other heraldic devices make admirable subjects for engraving in the base of large dishes or chargers. The dish shown here measures some 15” in diameter (or, for the benefit of foreigners, 390mm) and is about 2” deep.

The ‘engraving’ is incised by burning, i.e. actually cuts into the surface, and is thus permanent. It is NOT just applied to the surface and will not wash off. The most suitable timbers for lettering are dense and smooth. I find sycamore is excellent, both for its working properties and its suitability for food. It also tolerates being washed repeatedly whereas many other woods do not. For use with food therefore these dishes have an oil finish. If a laquer finish (polished) is required please state. Laquered dishes are not washable, but could be wiped with a damp cloth. They would be ok as fruit dishes etc.

Such dishes cost £2 per inch (25 mm) of diameter for the turning alone, i.e. without any lettering. The cost of the inscription is ADDITIONAL. Depending on complexity, number of letters in the motto, direction of prevailing wind, strength of the groat and other market factors, badges cost about £50. So the 15” example shown here would cost £30 for the turning plus another £50 for the inscription, = £80 plus p & p. However, all orders will be priced individually to avoid unnecessary shock to the system. I can turn up to 24” (610mm) diameter as a ‘regular’ item - but please check the size of your table!

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