SIMMONDS 1 Gallery

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The Harrison family c. 1886
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Alice Harrison's wedding 1900.
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Joseph Painter Harrison
Nathaniel Simmonds
Mitre House, Salisbury
‘Young’ Simmonds c. 1908
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Edith Fanny with Christopher
Simmonds family c. 1915
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Nathaniel Harrison Simmonds
Christopher & Nathaniel Harrison
Christopher [at right] with unknown friend, Newquay
Christopher in India c. 1945
Carrying thatch for building, India 1942
Officer accommodation under construction 1942
Indian rickshaw c. 1942
Traveller with Bear, Jullunder 1945
Christopher, Jullunder 1945
Christopher outside his army cottage built in Egypt
The stables
The Officers' Mess
‘George’ - a Mess servant
Billy - Christopher's own horse
Christopher jumping.