‘Report of Sandwick’ [19 June 1627] by “John Gardine, minister at Sandweek and Stromnes, Magnus Sinclair of Burweek, Edvard Sinclair of Clumlie and William Craiggie of Weatton” from Peterkin's ‘Rentals’ [1820].

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At the Kirk of Sandveek the nynteen day of Junii in the yeire of God 1m vic twanty-seven yeirs, Conveinit, Mr John Gardine minister at Sandweek and Stromnes, Magnus Sinclair off Burweek, Edvard Sinclair appeirand of Clumlie, William Craiggie off Weatton: And thair after ane dew deliberatione sett down answeris to the articlis containit vnto his Majesteis Commissione tuiching the estait of the parochin of Sandveek.

First, Anent the number of communicanttis we hawe tryit that thair arr sevin hundrethe communicantis.

Nixt, Anent the extentt of the said parochin, of lynth and breid, it is thrie myllis of lynth and thrie mylls of breid: The kirk is situat werie incommodiouslie for the gryttest pairt of the parochiners. In the northe-west pairt of the parochin it is situat.

The kirk of Sandveek is ane distinck and severall kirk be itselff, and no wayis vnitit, nor can be commodiouslie vnitit, for thair arr fyve mylls distant betuist the kirk of Sandveek and ye kirk of Stromnes, werie ewill way, muiris, moissis, and burnis; nather can the parochiners of the ane parochin resort to the vther. Bott ane minister hes, and hes haid this monney yeiris bygaine, the charge of both the kirkis. In tymes by past, Maister Jeherome Tulloche, subcantor, haid the chairge of boith the kirkis, bot he haid ane qualifeit reiddor. The caus heiroft was, he haid sum of his rents payit him out of Sandveek, and sum of his rent out off Stromnes; and his manis and glibb wherr he dwellit wes in Whome, mid way betuixt the twa kirkis; bot the gryttest pairt of his rent was payit to him out off Sanday, viz. fyve chalder of beare or thair about, quhilk now is ane parochin of the kingis pairt of the countrey, and his Majestie and his minister in possessione theroff; his reidder, Wm. Smith, haid his stipend payit him out of the wiccaridge and wiccaridge pentionarrie, extending to twell meills malt and fourtie markis money; his residence wes in Conquescoy in Caristoun, quhilk wes the viccaris maniss and his glibb; bot the present minister, Mr John Gardne, who hes the charge of boith the kirkis, wantts the halff of the rent that his predicessor haid; he hes not ane helpper, nor moyane to intertaine ane; he hes not maniss nor glibb in neither of the parochins, he hes not an wiccaradge in nather of the parochins, nor in no pairt thairoff.

This parochin is ane pairt of the bischoprick disponit be his Majestie, of guid memorie, to the bischopp of Orkney and his successors, baith stock and teind, and all vther commodities belonging thairto.

The minissteris stipend is thrie last twell meillis of malt, sex scor punds money for sex barrell of butter, peyit out off the bischoprick be the bischop, without aither mainss, or glibb, or viccarridge.

Thair is not ane schoole within the parochin, nor na foundatione for ane schoolle, but gryt necessatie of ane school fur monny yuithes that wanttis educatione.

No hospitall nor no foundatione for ane hospitall, bot monney puire peiple who has meikill neid of ane rent to susteine theme.

Anent the estaitt of the grytt teind or personadge, a guid pairt thairoff was sett in tack To Maister Thomas Barklay and his sone William, who possessit the samyne heirtofoire, Bot now it is cum in the Bischoppis hand be ane pactione betwixt the bischop and the said William, To whom his Lo. hes given ane satisfactione thairfoire, The rest of the teinds arr possessit be the bischop quhairoff sum he leads and sum he setts for rentellit boillis, out of the quhilk he payis ane pairt of the ministeris stipend.

As tuiching the small teinds or viccarradge they are taine upp werie scharplie be James Stewart of Greamsay, with the viccaridge pentionarrie of awght meils of malt, the said James possesseis lykwayis the viccaris maniss and his glibb within the said parochin.

Thair arr few heritors amangest us, and thair heritadge is so little that it is not worthie to be called heritadge. Sum off thame hes thair teinds sett to tham selffis, bot payis deire thairfoir, bot the teinds of sum arr ledd. [I don't understand this last sentence.]

(Signed)   Magnus Sinclair of Burweik, Mr J. Gardine, minister att Sandwik and Stromnes. Edward Sinclair. William Crage.

Efter we had subscrivit thir premissis we have tryit that the kirk off Sandveek wes of awld ane commoune kirk, and the vicarage and viccarage pentionarrie thairof, with sum butter, and sum malt, out of the said parochin, wes appoyntit for the intertainment of the Brethrene of the chapter quhan they mett in Kirkwall, to doe thair cuire thaire and to serve, Bot efter the reformation, the said kirk, as the rest of the commoune kirkis within the kingdome, wes annixt to the croune, and so cam in the Kings Majesties handis, quha now hes disponit the saymne to the bischop of Orkney, Yitt for the present James Stewart of Greamsay possessis the viccarage and viccarage pentionarrie.

Seeing thair arr such ane grytt number of communicanttis in thir parochines of Sandweek and Stromnes, The parochinis arr so large, so farr distance betwixt them, that it is impossible to ane minister to serve tham baith, Thairfore we beseeche your Lo. wisdomes to plant ane minister at the kirk of Sandveek and ane vther at the kirk of Stromnes, for either off the kirkis is ane competent charge for aney minister of the kingdome, And assigne to him ane sufficient stipend with maniss, glib, and viccarage.

(Signed)   Mr J. Gardine, minister att Sandwik and Stromnes.

The ‘Report of Stromnes’ is almost identical to the above ‘Report of Sandwick’ which it preceedes in Peterkin's ‘Rentals’. The spelling is every bit as wayward, both presumably having been written by John Gardine. The signatories to the ‘Report of Stromnes’ are J. Gardine (also spelled Johne Gairdine in the preamble and Johne Gairdin in Art. XIV!), Patrick Gordone of Kairstain and Edward Sincler of Ness.

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