Amelia Agnes BELL Adelaide BELL William BELL Mary Hutchison BELL Mary Hutchison FLINT Mini tree diagram

Jeremiah McLelland BELL

about 1820 - about 1871

Life History

about 1820


15th Aug 1851

Married Mary Hutchison FLINT


Birth of daughter Amelia Agnes BELL

about 1853

Birth of daughter Adelaide BELL

about 1856

Birth of son William BELL

about 1866

Birth of daughter Mary Hutchison BELL

about 1871



  • Jeremiah McLelland BELL 1820?-1861?

    NAENA:  Jeremiah Bell came from Donegal and, as a young boy, was apprenticed to his uncle who was a jeweller in Edinburgh. How my grandmother ever came to meet him I don't know, but he came of a very good substantial middle class family in Ulster, and any of his relations we ever knew were people of quite outstanding character, and some of great charm. Otherwise we know nothing about him, except that he, like everybody else, never seems to have followed any trade, business or profession, and that he became a complete invalid in his thirties, and died at about 40.

    From Croy grandmother went to Kelvinside House, about which you already know. My mother was only 5 when her father died, and she never remembered him as a person, but she was afraid of a wild looking young man, who used to appear in the grounds and park. I don't think she ever knew her father, or who he was. What his illness was, we, at this date, could never know. There were so many dreadful things that could afflict people at that time - especially if they had been abroad. Tropical diseases were almost untouched by medicine in this country then. But we know that he was an invalid ever since he came home to Scotland, and I think our grandmother returned from her very successful school, in Australia because she felt he was very ill indeed.

    He married on 15 August 1851.

    Naena gives 1861 as the year of Jeremiah's death but this can't be correct. For a start Mary was not born till 1866. In the above, Naena wrote: "My mother [i.e. Mary] was only 5 when her father died" so that gives a date of around 1871.

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