Nicola Jane BOISSARD 1949-1983

Usually known as Nicky or Nicko

15th Apr 1949

Born in St Pancras, London

Temporary image!

1st May 1983

Died in London


Nicky was plentifully supplied with Boissard brains. She and I were natural allies because of our proximal ages. My brother Robin and Nicky's brother Michael paired off for similar reasons. Peter was odd man out but I got to know him quite well when we were in our late teens, early twenties. Nicky and Peter came and stayed with us for a few days in Beulah, mid-Wales in the late 1970s and we all had a great time which was sadly not repeated first because of Pete's premature death in an unnecessary accident on an oil rig on the far east and second because of Nicky's own premature death from a sarcoma. Nicky certainly came to see us when she was already ill with the ghastly disease that would ultimately kill her. I took her on a tandem bicycle ride to a pub after which her verdict was that she might be going to die but was not ready to go just yet.