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Jannet Halcrow LINKLATER 1853-

13th Jun 1853

Born in Aith, Sandwick, Orkney

9th Aug 1878

Married John STOCKAN in Edinburgh, Scotland


Birth of daughter Ellen Janet STOCKAN in Sandwick, Orkney


Birth of son John George STOCKAN in Sandwick, Orkney


Birth of daughter Amelia Linklater STOCKAN in Leith, Scotland


Birth of son James William STOCKAN in Leith, Scotland


Death of John STOCKAN in Edinburgh, Scotland

Jannet, the third of David and Janet's four children, had no middle name that I know of, which is something of a relief, but the addition of an extra 'n' to her name may have been some compensation, although this was a not unusual spelling in Orkney at the time. Indeed, her mother Janet née Irvine flirted with two ns at least twice in the 1861 and 1891 censuses. Thereafter she saved ink. In the Sandwick 1871 census there are only two Jannets; Jannet MacKenzie aged 5; Jannet Copland aged 8. There is an Isabella Jannet Robertson aged 10 months and a Jennet Munro aged 1. There are quite a few Janets but none the right age recorded in the census i.e. 18.

This Jannet herself is something of a mystery, appearing on only 1 census that I know of. In 1861 aged 8 she was recorded at Aith. I have been unable to locate her in the next census when she would have been 18, nor does there seem to be a death certificate. She evidently moved to Edinburgh where she married John Stockan, also from Sandwick. Whether she is recorded in a census in Edinburgh I do not know.