Ada Emily SOUNDY Harry Clifton SOUNDY Frank George SOUNDY Lilla Maud SOUNDY Percy Reginald SOUNDY Kate Ethel SOUNDY Arthur Frank SOUNDY Elsie May SOUNDY Katherine Elizabeth PALMER Elaine Ada SOUNDY Elsie May SOUNDY Evelyn Ada SOUNDY Ada Mary PALMER tree

Arthur Francis SOUNDY 1836-1911

6th Feb 1836


30th Oct 1859

Married Katherine Elizabeth PALMER


Birth of daughter Ada Emily SOUNDY


Death of daughter Ada Emily SOUNDY

18th Sep 1863

Birth of son Harry Clifton SOUNDY


Birth of son Frank George SOUNDY


Death of son Frank George SOUNDY

25th Feb 1875

Birth of daughter Lilla Maud SOUNDY

24th Apr 1877

Birth of son Percy Reginald SOUNDY

12th Sep 1879

Birth of daughter Kate Ethel SOUNDY

6th Aug 1880

Birth of son Arthur Frank SOUNDY

3rd Sep 1880

Death of Katherine Elizabeth PALMER

5th Oct 1881

Married Ada Mary PALMER

7th Sep 1883

Birth of daughter Elaine Ada SOUNDY in Bombay, , Mahåråshtra, India

8th Sep 1884

Death of daughter Elaine Ada SOUNDY in Bombay, , Mahåråshtra, India

8th Feb 1886

Birth of daughter Elsie May SOUNDY in Bombay, , Mahåråshtra, India

7th Nov 1887

Birth of daughter Evelyn Ada SOUNDY in Bombay, , Mahåråshtra, India

6th Mar 1888

Death of daughter Evelyn Ada SOUNDY in Bombay, , Mahåråshtra, India

2nd Apr 1911


Arthur Francis married his first wife Katherine on 1st October 1859 at Stephen's, Paddington by whom he he seven children before she died. He then married Katherine's younger sister, Ada, at St Martin in the Fields.

He purportedly had a statue erected to his memory in Bombay, hoever Sylvia Murph wrote “the story of a statue in Bombay... I first and only heard from Andrew [Cuthbert]. Despite having contacts in Bombay and from time to time perusing old newspapers, I have never been able to verify this. Suspect it is a fiction/wishful thinking; someone's description of a notable large tombstone...”

The following is all Sylvia Murphy.

My great grandfather Arthur Francis Soundy was probably born 6 February 1836; certainly he was baptised at St Paulinus in Crayford, Kent, England on September 18, 1836. He was the only surviving son of Francis and Eliza (nee Gauntlett) Soundy and probably the only issue of this union to in turn have issue.

He completed an apprenticeship in the 1850s as a Piano Tuner with John Broadwood and Sons, Pianoforte Manufacturers in London, and it was as an importer of Pianos and other musical intruments that he established his business in Bombay.

He married twice, firstly to Catherine Elizabeth Palmer on 30 October 1859 in Paddington, London, after which he travelled to India aboard the P & O Mail Steamer, Emeu. Sadly, Catherine died in 1880 in India, shortly after the birth of their seventh child. Arthur Francis married again, to his first wife's younger sister, Ada Mary Palmer on 5 October 1881, also in London. Another three children were born, all daughters, of whom only one survived, and she was my grandmother, Elsie May Soundy.

Arthur Francis died at his home ‘Orient House’, Colaba Reclamation on 2 April 1911 after a long and interesting life mostly spent in Bombay. His story can as well be told by the Obituary which appeared in The Bombay Gazette of of Tuesday 4 April 1911. He is buried in Sewri Cemetary.


Bombay's Second Oldest European Resident.

Considerable regret was expressed throughout Bombay on Monday when the death was announced of Mr Arthur Francis Soundy, Secretary and Manager of Messrs. Soundy and Co., Ltd. The deceased, who at the time of his death was in his seventy-fifth year, was one of the two European residents who have been longest in Bombay. He landed in this City on the 15th December 1859 - almost fifty-two years ago-when the stirring events of that decade belonged to recent history. In this long period the late Mr. Soundy made many friends, and it is safe to say that none more than he has won the esteem and respect of the entire community, European and Indian.

The deceased first came to this country to join the once well-known firm of Herbert and Co., but about seven years after his arrival founded the present firm of Soundy and Co - now one of the oldest houses in the city - and the concern was ultimately merged into a limited company with the founder in the position he held until his almost painfully sudden death on Sunday afternoon. He had lived a strenuous life, broken only by occasional trips to England, and although there are few, if any, present in the city today who can speak of his first years residence here, there were many who remember him in the early seventies. He made many interests in life, always took a keen interest in public affairs, but his chief love was volunteering. He was among the first local men to join the movement when it was inaugurated in this city, and only a few now months before his death retired from active Volunteer work, having attained the rank of Major in the Bombay Volunteer Rifles. Some years ago he was awarded the Volunteer Officers' Decoration for long service. There are still among those who were his colleagues who remember his keen interest in the fetes and entertainments held in the Victoria Gardens, which payed a great part in popularising and making known the movement.

It is understood that the relatives of the deceased were not altogether unprepared for untoward developments. Some months ago he had a warning, similar in character to that of Saturday, but happily recovered. As it was, he worked almost to the last moment. He attended business on Saturday as usual, and at the moment of his sudden collapse was actually preparing to go to the skating rink, a venture with which he was closely associated. It was seen, however, that his condition was serious, and at 3pm on Sunday he died from the effects of cerebral haemorrage.

The deceased left a widow, three sons and three daughters to mourn his loss.

The interment took place yesterday at Sewri in the presence of a large number of relatives and friends who included Mr H C Soundy, Mr P R Soundy, Mr Frank Soundy; (sons); Mr J P Watson; Lieut-Colonel R W L Dunlop V S; Mr and Mrs A Pell; Mr and Miss Knight; Mrs Asquith; Captain Cartwright; Adjutant B V R; Mr Walter Proctor; Mr Donald Fraser; Mr C B Robinson; Miss Hardinge; Captain Southwell Piper; Mr R N Mant and Mr Framji C Mehta (Director of Soundy and Co. Ltd)

Rev. Father Chard S S J E, St Peters Mazagon, officiated at the graveside. The funeral was accompanied by military honours, the firing party being provided by the Bombay Volunteer Rifles, and the band of St Mary's College playing the ‘Dead March’.

Among his daughter's, Elsie's effects was a  BIRTHDAY BOOK written partly by Elsie and 3 or possibly 4 others - presumably all Soundys one of which may have been Arthur - which I have transcribed on the linked page.