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1845 - 1897

Life History


Born in Edinburgh, Scotland

9th Jul 1874

Married Margaret Elizabeth BRUCE in Manhattan, New York

Info from Brian Chalmers.

Divorced on grounds of "extreme cruelty."

23rd Apr 1875

Birth of daughter Carrie LINKLATER in Manhattan, New York


Birth of son George Bruce LINKLATER in Jersey City, New ersey, USA


Divorced from Margaret Elizabeth BRUCE


Died in Alameda County, California, USA

Aged 52


  • Info from Brian Chalmers.

    In 1887 he was a 'dry goods clerk' in Oakland, California, USA.

    Jacob seems to have had an "interesting" life. He was a merchant in California, and in 1892 was shot in Berkeley, California by his gardener, who the newspapers named 'Old Man' Young. However Jacob survived this incedent, and in 1895 his wife filed for divorce on the grounds of extreme cruelty, so maybe 'Old Man' Young had a point. When Jacob died in 1897 a stone was erected to him by his mother, sisters and brother.

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