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James Ernest LINKLATER 1893-




Married Nan PARTICK


Birth of daughter Margaret Amelia LINKLATER

ca. 1925

Birth of son Barkley Gibb LINKLATER


Birth of son James Patrick LINKLATER



EVELYN  James Ernest Linklater - (Jim) - was our childhood's companion, one year older than Naena. Mother always had him to spend his holidays with us at Sylvan House, and he came every Friday afternoon, every week to us at Gloucester Place, for tea and supper. He was almost like a brother when we were children, and when he was a young man, just before the 1914 war, he spent nearly three mouths with us at Aunt Celie's house in Kinross, after he had had a rather serious illness.

He served in France as a stretcher bearer. His best friend, Barkley Gibb was killed. He married Nan Patrick and got a job with Thompson & Brown Bros. Motor Accessories in Glasgow -a very good firm indeed. He stayed with them till he retired. He and Nan lived in Glasgow and still do. They have just spent a year in Australia, Queensland with Barkley (his eldest son) who married a Sydney girl. We hope they will spend a few days with us on their return, before going to Scotland.

Margaret Amelia, their only daughter is married and has an adopted daughter. She had a serious operation soon after her marriage, and can have no children of her own. Barkley went into the Merchant Service, but has now left the sea for a land job in Brisbane. He has three children. Patrick, the youngest, is also married and is an accountant in Glasgow, with two ? children.