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Adelaide Jeanette LINKLATER 1890-1979

8th Mar 1890


4th Jan 1979


EVELYN: Adelaide was the younger daughter of Amelia and James. She was not very bright in the scholastic sense, but good at other things. She had & lovely figure, lovely skin and beautiful arms and legs - in fact as a young girl she was charming. She went into an office but didn't like it and took a cookery course. I never thought she was really a good cook, but she liked doing it. When Mary married, Adelaide and Tina (their old nurse, who always lived with them) went to Canada. Adelaide gave up her cooking in Canada - as a means of livelihood - and became an agent for Spirella Corsets. She was very religious before she left Scotland and both she and Mary were confirmed in the Church of England in Winnipeg.

Adelaide had a real religious faith and practised it in her life. It is a strange thing. I always think my grandmother's family were very worldly and there was no religious teaching for any of the children. Aunt AlIcia was religious by temperament, but she took to strange cults, such as Unitarianism and Spiritualism. Strangely enough, my mother married a man with whom religion was his every day life, Robin. Mary and Adelaide and Jim Linklater found and practised the Christian faith without any help from their parents or surroundings.

Adelaide never married: she is still in Winnipeg and her address is [missing from transcript] She is now about 73 which seems so strange to me who remember her as a young woman and haven't seen her since then. Another early arrival for poor Amelia, Adelaide being born at 2.20 a.m. She emigrated to Canada where she died in 1979. According to a notice in a local newspaper when she died, she was born in Edinburgh (in 1891 according to the paper) and emigrated to Winnipeg in 1921 where she remained for the rest of her life.