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28th Dec 1828 -

Life History

28th Dec 1828

Born in Hoy, Orkney

3rd Mar 1850

Married Ann Louttit SINCLAIR in Bu, Hoy, Orkney

Info from Brian Chalmers OFHS


Birth of daughter Ann SINCLAIR in Hoy, Orkney


Birth of son James SINCLAIR in Hoy, Orkney


Birth of daughter Isabella Thomso SINCLAIR in Hoy, Orkney


Birth of daughter Thomasina SINCLAIR in Hoy, Orkney

20th Feb 1894

Death of Ann Louttit SINCLAIR in Hoy, Orkney


  • Info from Brian Chalmers, OFHS.

    Husband and Wife have the same Surname. [Sinclair] Both the Husband and Wife in marriage [135] have the same Surname.  In some cultures where it is customary for the wife to take the husband's surname, this is unusual.  In others it is common.  Make sure the Surname is correct.

    Surnames correct.

    Orkney Sinclair was, and I think remains, the commonest surname. In a small community such as Hoy marriage between cousins must have been comparatively common.

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