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Mary Flint LINKLATER 1885-1961

Jun 1885


ca. 1918

Married James GRANT


Birth of son David Kinnell GRANT

ca. 1943

Death of James GRANT



EVELYN: Mary was the elder daughter of Amelia and James. She was 8 years older than Naena and 10 years older than myself. She was quite beautiful. Tall and slender with dark hair and grey-green eyes. She was one of our dearest companions when we were young, although she was older, and used to stay with us for long periods at Sylvan House, Gullane.

She married Jimmie Grant towards the end of the 1914 war, after Aunt Amelia had died. Some time before, he had gone to Canada, and came over with the Canadian Forces to this country. I missed her very much when she went away. She had one son, David, who married a nice girl called Bobbie, and they have two children.

Mary came over to England in 1948, for a visit, and I found her much changed in appearance, but still in many ways the same Mary. She was now a widow. She died in the spring of this last year, 1961, after a long and dreadful illness. She was deaf and nearly blind and paralised due to a bone condition in the spine. She was 74. Poor Mary.