Amelia Agnes BELL 1852-1917

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Amelia Agnes BELL 1852-1917



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1st Oct 1878

Married James Stevens LINKLATER in Maryhill, Glasgow, Scotland


8th Jul 1879

Birth of son Arthur David LINKLATER in Leith



Birth of son Valdemar McLelland LINKLATER


Jun 1885

Birth of daughter Mary Flint LINKLATER


27th Apr 1888

Birth of son Edward James LINKLATER


8th Nov 1888

Death of son Edward James LINKLATER


8th Mar 1890

Birth of daughter Adelaide Jeanette LINKLATER



Birth of son James Ernest LINKLATER


21st Aug 1899

Death of James Stevens LINKLATER in St Andrew, Edinburgh, Scotland


15th Apr 1917



EVELYN: Amelia married James [Stevens] Linklater who came from Orkney. He was a wholesale provision merchant, trading with the Baltic countries. Amelia was a pretty but incredibly stupid woman. Mother said that Amelia was in love with Johnnie Crawford (see Aunt Betsy) but both grandmother and Aunt Alicia put their feet down on that.

There were six children of Amelia's marriage, the younger ones quite small when Uncle James died in his early forties, of Bright's disease. [In fact he was 49.] He failed in his business and, like your grandfather, found financial worry and ill health too much for him. Naena and I knew Aunt Amelia very well but Uncle James died when I was a baby and his youngest son, James, only 3 years old. Aunt Amelia died of cancer in 1917.