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Dr Samuel Towers LINKLATER

Samuel Towers LINKLATER

8th Apr 1853 - 8th Feb 1914

Life History

8th Apr 1853

Born in New Asia, Kirbister, Stromness, Orkney


Married Elizabeth M. SINCLAIR

Info from Brian Chalmers OFHS


Married Zula Harriet WARREN in Oregon, USA

Info from Brian Chalmers OFHS

8th Feb 1914

Died in Hillsboro, Oregon, USA


  • Carey, Charles Henry.  "History of Oregon." Chicago-Portland: Pioneer Historical
    Pub. Co., 1922.  pg. 206.


        Dr. Samuel Towers Linklater was born in the Orkney Islands off the coast of
    Scotland in 1853.  His parents were William and Margaret (Stockand) Linklater.
    For generations the family had been one of note on the Orkney Islands.  Asa
    Linklater, the great-great-grandfather of Dr. Linklater, was a commanding figure
    in social, church and civic life as was his son Hugh and his grandson Peter.
        Samuel Towers Linklater receiving his education in the schools of
    Stromness, became a clerk and then a school teacher, and it was not until his
    twenty-fifth year that he took up the study of medicine.  He graduated from the
    University of Edinburgh in 1882 with the degree of M.B.C.M.  He practiced first
    in the city of Leith, but in 1883 he determined to make his residence in
    Australia.  While traveling across the United States he visited Oregon and was
    so impressed with the scenic beauty and the climatic advantages of Washington
    county that he decided to give up his trip to Australia and settle in Hillsboro.
    Although he had graduated from the University of Edinburgh with highest honors,
    Dr. Linklater never considered his education finished and he was always an
    ardent student of his profession.  During the years 1891-2  he visited Europe
    and took graduate courses under the most eminent scientists of Edinburgh,
    Berlin, Vienna and other European centers of learning.  He was soon recognized
    as one of the most competent physicians in Oregon, and was frequently urged to
    establish himself in Portland, where he would find a wider field.  Dr. Linklater
    refused all such suggestions, however, on the ground that the people of
    Washington county were as much entitled to expert medical knowledge as those of
    a large city.
        Dr. Linklater was a man of strong public spirit and deep benevolence.  His
    reputation did not rest solely upon his medical proficiency, but also upon his
    general kindliness and his progressive enthusiasm.  In 1886 he established the
    Delta Drug Company in Hillsboro, which is still the leading pharmacy of the city
    and with the same civic pride he edited and published the Hillsboro Independent.
    Neither of these enterprises was entered upon for the lucrative gain accruing to
    them but rather to lend a helping hand to the growth of his adopted home.
        At the height of his usefulness he was called one night to attend a patient
    in an adjoining town.  Returning he attempted to board the midnight train to
    Hillsboro.  The next morning his unconscious body was found beside the track and
    his death resulted within a few days.  All Oregon mounded him as one of its most
    able and distinguished physicians and its best loved and most unselfish
        Dr. Linklater was married in 1886 to Eliza M. Sinclair, who died in 1889.
    In 1898 he married Zula Harriett Warren, a native of Oregon and a daughter of a
    highly esteemed family of Washington county.  They became the parents of six
    children:  Francis W. Linklater, who served in the navy during eighteen months
    of the World war and was overseas after the armistice and made five trips on a
    transport.  He took his freshman year at Reed College of Portland and his
    sophomore year at Pacific University; Margaret Ruth, a student of the University
    of Washington; Dorothy, a student of Pacific University; Samuel Edward, who will
    enter college this autumn; Kenneth Ashwell, a student in the Hillsboro high
    school at the present time; and Ethel, a grade pupil.  Mrs. Linklater is a
    musician of merit, and is the organist of the local Congregational church.  She
    is active in church circles, but her chief claim to distinction is as a devoted
    mother.  Since Dr. Linklater's decease she has lived for her children, who, a
    happy combination of their mother's aesthetic and musical temperament and the
    sturdy Scotch integrity of their father, have amply repaid her devotion.
        Dr. Linklater was a Mason of the thirty-second degree, a Shriner and a
    Knight of Pythias, and was the regimental surgeon of the latter organization.
    He was an honored member of the Oregon Medical Society and of the American
    Medical Association.  Professionally and as a man, Dr. Linklater had no superior
    and the Linklater name will be recorded on the pages of Oregon's history for
    many generations.


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