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Doris Ada Ethel SCHAUMBURG 1908-1999

Father changed surname to HARRIS in 1914

21st Feb 1908

Born in Calcutta, West Bengal, India

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11th Mar 1908

Christened in St John's Church, Calcutta, West Bengal, India


5th Feb 1927

Married Eric Tom CUTHBERT in England2


23rd Apr 1928

Birth of son Ian Ronald CUTHBERT in City of London, England


21st Jul 1930

Birth of son David Malcolm CUTHBERT in England


13th Jan 1936

Birth of son Andrew John CUTHBERT in Edgeware, Middlesex, England


about 1948

Divorced from Eric Tom CUTHBERT


21st Nov 1950

Married Allan Lansdowne TURNER in England.3


c. 1974

Death of Eric Tom CUTHBERT



Death of Alan Lansdowne TURNER


25th Mar 1999

Died in Holt, Norfolk, England


According to Sylvia Murphy, when Doris married Eric Cuthbert she gave as her father's name Arthur David Linklater. “As she had been unable to find a record of her birth, it appears that she did not know that her name at birth was Schaumburg, and that her surname had changed to Harris when her biological and legal father changed his name by deed poll in 1914. Arthur David Linklater was her stepfather. One of the witnesses at her marriage to Allan Turner was N V (Nelson Valdemar) Linklater, her stepbrother.” I can only assume Sylvia Murphy was told this by Doris herself [see ‘Sources’ below] but it needs slight correction; Nelson Valdemar Linklater was her half- not step-brother. They shared a mother but had different fathers.

Sources [Sylvia's.]

  1. The Floral Birthday Book: July 21. Given by Arthur Frank Soundy to his wife Ada Mary Soundy 6 March 1892 and used by her and subsequently by her daughter Elsie May Soundy. It is now in the posession of her grandson Duncan Linklater
  2. Personal correspondence: Letters and cards written by Doris Turner between July and November 1998 to Sylvia Murphy. The letters were punctuated by phone calls. Letter 24 July 1998 (p.2)
  3. The Floral Birthday Book: November 21