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about 1820 -

Life History

about 1820


about 1850

Birth of son Johnnie CRAWFORD

Other facts


Married Betsy FLINT





  • John Crawford (ca 1820-????)

    EVELYN:  They [Betsy and 'Uncle Crawford'] had one son, Johnnie, and apparently a regular rogue. I think he had some sort of attraction, but like so many of the male members of the Flint family he doesn't seem ever to have done any work. My mother had various stories about him.

    He made Grandmother's pigs drunk on port that had gone sour, when she had a house at Cray on the west coast of Scotland, and turned them loose in the drive of the house, where they were found lying all over the place.

    A much more serious offence was putting Worcester Sauce in some good brandy - I suppose his idea of a practical joke.

    He took the lens out of a good microscope and sold it and replaced it with ordinary glass.

    He was at last caught in his own net. Ho had a child's appetite for sweet things, and our grandmother had some pickled quinces, which were kept in a keg in a dark cellar. He used to steal those quinces, but one day a dreadful commotion was heard by the servants, and they went out to the passage, to find Johnnie almost in hysterics, and retching violently. He had eaten several quinces, but one didn't so down as well as it should have, and he felt something sticking out of it. He pulled this out - after swallowing the quince - and found it was the. tail of a dead mouse he had just chewed and swallowed!

    What happened to him afterwards in life is not recorded. I have never heard.

    [John Crawford seems to have married Betsy Flint.]

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