Thomas FLINT Charles FLINT Mini tree diagram

Margaret BRUCE

about 1820 - 1848

Life History

about 1820



Birth of son Charles FLINT



Other facts


Married Thomas FLINT


  • Margaret Bruce (ca 1820-1848)

    EVELYN:  I don't know anything about his [Thomas Flint's] marriage. Mother told me he wasn't married, but that might not be true. She could only have heard about it from Aunt Alicia, who adored Tom and was always very bitter about your grandmother [i.e. Margaret Bruce]. Aunt Alicia was 29 when Tom died. I tried to find out if Charlie was born in Edinburgh from the Register House, and enclose their reply. It may not mean anything but that he was not registered at birth. Very many were not registered in those days, even in Edinburgh, and it he was born in Australia it would be even less likely. I always thought he was born in Australia but have no evidence for this, only surmise.

    NAENA:  It's not known  [oh yes it is!] what became of Margaret Bruce but their son Charles Bruce Flint was born in 1848 soon after arrival in Australia. According to Mona Benny her grandmother [i.e. Margaret Bruce] died in childbirth.

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