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Amelia Alicia MCCARTHY

1856 - 1879

Life History






  • Amelia Alicia FLINT (1856-1897)

    NAENA: 'Little Alicia' and our mother were devoted to one another, and Alicia was far more a sister to Mother than her own sisters by birth. They were so very much older, and indeed almost young women when she was born. Her only brother, too, was about twelve years older than she was certainly not less than ten years. Alicia developed Pott's Disease of the spine,( T.B. in origin) and, as nothing could be done for it in those days, she became hunchbacked. She wore her hair long always to hide her deformity, and she was always a very little person. Robin, who was very fond of her, and whom she loved devotedly for his own and Mother's sake, always called her "Spot". We have a Christmas card sent to her, from him "To the dearest Spot on earth". She was a wonderful person in understanding and appreciating their love for one another, even when things seemed difficult for them.

    I remember her quite well and loved her. Although I was scarcely more than a baby, I remember about her death, and I also remember opening a door into her bedroom, and calling for her. I think she must have been very ill then, because Mother was bending over her, and I said afterwards: "Auntie wouldn't speak to me."

    EVELYN:  I never knew her, as she died when I was six months old, but Naena remembers her. She came to live with Robin and Mother after they were married, and died in their house. I don't think she got on very well with Aunt Alicia, but I don't know why. She died of pneumonia in 1897.

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