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George FLINT

1752 - 1786

Life History




Birth of son Thomas FLINT


Death of daughter Martha FLINT


Death of son George FLINT


Death of son Robert FLINT



Other facts


Married Martha HERIOT


Birth of son Cathren FLINT


Birth of daughter Martha FLINT


Birth of son George FLINT


Birth of son Robert FLINT


  • George Flint (1752 - 1786)

    NAENA:  George Flint was born in 1755 [sic] in the reign of King George II who died in 1760. He may have traded with eastern ports, but he also very likely mostly traded with the Baltic and the Dutch and German ports. Shipmasters in those days were men of substantial property, and, although he died young, he may have left his widow quite well off.

    EVELYN:  George Flint was a shipmaster. I expect he owned a small fleet of vessels trading abroad. They lived in Dunbar on the East Coast of Scotland. Robin and I went to Dunbar Churchyard and found the grave with the following inscription: "In memory or George Flint, shipmaster, who died at Falmouth 25th April 1786, aged 31 years. Also Martha Heriot, his wife, who died 13th March 1815 aged 66 years, and four of their children, viz; Cathren, Martha, George and Robert"

    We looked up the records at the Register House in Edinburgh but could find nothing other than July 1780 "Best little cloth for George Flint's child, 3/4. September 1785: Ditto. July 1785 'Robert Flint, a child".

    Presumably the cloth was for covering the coffin. I have put the children in the order on the tombstone, but really do not know how they came, according to age. Our great grandfather appears to be the only survivor - great grandfather to you and Gordon as well as to ourselves. George died at Falmouth and there is a story that he was returning from what he meant to be his last voyage - which in fact it was. That he was found murdered in his cabin. How true this is I don't know and find it difficult to believe. Coming from some eastern port he may have contracted typhus fever or something of that sort, or any other quick killing disease.

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