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Letter dated 12 Septr. 1888
From Edward Ozance to Jacobs and Weldon


Court Row
12 Septr. 1888

Messrs. Jacobs & Weldon.
16 St Helens Place

Dear Sirs,

Island of Herm

I was this morning consulted in my official capacity as Solicitor General of this Island in reference to a rumour in the papers that the Island of Herm is about to pass into the hands of Foreigners. I thought it right to inform him that I had recently given a legal opinion respecting this matter, and I have His Excellency's sanction to inform you that Her Majesty's Government will on public grounds oppose the transfer of the Island of Herm to an alien.

I am Dear Sir

Yours faithfully

(Signed) Edw. [?]* Ozance

Telegram, dated 12th Septr. 1888

To Jacobs & Weldon.
16 St Helens Place

I hear Government likely to object to lease to foreigners on public grounds, am writing you fully. Ozance.

* Middle initial uncertain.

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