HERM - under James Stevens LINKLATER

Letter dated 29th September 1888
From Arnold Fooks Chadwick & Co. to James Stevens Linklater

60 Carey Street,
Lincoln's Inn,
29th September 1888

J. S.Linklater Esqre

Dear Sir,

Island of Herm

There has been a very unpleasant hitch with the german Bank on account of the ill founded rumours which have apopeared in the newspapers. Their Solicitors have been here this morning and although they have left us with the hope of being able to agree terms in other respects, they make it a condition for the Bank buying the Island, that there shall be noopposition on the part of the Government to the Bank acquiring the property.

It appears that the Solicitor for the Bank wrote to the Solicitor General of the Island, Mr Ozance asking if aliens could buy the property and apparently his opinion was in the affirmative, but as it has got into the press that they are merely the nominees of the German Government & Herm might therefore be converted into a station for annoying the French Government in case of war, and consequently the English authorities, it looks as if the Govenor will try to get a law passed in Guernsey which would impede the bank buying.

The Banks Solicitors have therefore suggested to us that we should go over to Guernsey next week with them & have an interview with the Govenor as also with Mr Ozance so as to make it clear to the former that no harm can be apprehended & at the same time explain the damage which you are likely to incur through the stupidity of the local correspondents of the press. We do not like incurring the cost of this journey without first communicating with you but we should be glad to know whether if we can get the Bank to sign a conditional contract you consider it worth our while for us to do our best for you in the matter.

We enclose copy of the telegram and letter which was sent to Messrs. Jacobs & Weldon by Mr Ozance so that you may be able to appreciate the position of affairs.

Of course if we can get the other Party (who is connected with the City) to pay £7000 for the property we should drop the German Bank at once but we have to be careful that you do not fall between 2 stools.

Yours faithfully

Arnold Fooks Chadwick & Co.

J.S.Linklater Esqre.,
Commercial Wharf

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