HERM - under James Stevens LINKLATER

Letter dated 4th September 1888
From Arnold Fooks Chadwick & Co. to James Stevens Linklater

60 Carey Street,
Lincoln's Inn,
London 4th Sept 1888

J. S.Linklater Esqre

Dear Sir,

We have not yet been able to settle with Mr Hazeldine & we fear there is little hope for doing so at present as a paragraph has appeared in the Hansard [?] of yesterday in reference to the Manager's visit. As however the branch people are slow, you may be able to make better terms with Mr H. later on.

Yours faithfully

Arnold Fooks Chadwick & Co.

PS We enclose copy of the paragraph. Over

“The statement that two German bankers are about to purchase the Island of herm is creating some sensation here, especially as it is now announced that the English authorities nhave reason to believe the intending purchasers are German naval officers in disguise, and that when once in possession of the place they will make frequent yachting excursions, under the guidance of local pilots, with the view of familiarising themselves with the channels and currents. Such practical knowledge would, in the event of war, be of great imporance, as it would enable the germans to chase the French or draw them into dangerous passages from which escape under certain contingencies would be almost impossible.”

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