HERM - under James Stevens LINKLATER

Letter dated 16th June 1887
From Arnold Fooks Chadwick & Co. to James Stevens Linklater

60 Carey Street,
Lincoln's Inn,
London 16th June 1887

J. S. Linklater Esqre
Commercial Wharf

Dear Sir,

Island of Herm.

The Manager of the West Bank of germany has been here and he has asked us to furnish him with a plan of the Island and a complete copy of the particulars. These shall be transmitted to him because so far as we can tell the enquir seems to be a genuine one. There seems some mystery about the affair which we have not yet been able to unfathom.

Mr Hazeldine has not yet served a writ. Possibly he wants you to do so first so as to have the advantage of getting you into the Witness Box before he enters it himself to prove his own case.

Yours faithfully

Arnold Fooks Chadwick & Co.

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