HERM - under James Stevens LINKLATER

Letter dated 1st August 1884
From Arnold & Co. to James Stevens Linklater

60 Carey Street,
Lincoln's Inn,
London August 1st 1884

J. S. Linklater Esq
North Western Hotel

Dear Sir,

On receipt of your telegram we called on the Auctioneer's in regard to keeping the Island of Herm open until Wednesday next for you but as there are four parties in treaty at this moment and apparently anxious to buy we feel that we might be wanting in duty to our clients if we were to cast them aside altogether. We therefore telegraphed to you this morning to go to the Island and if we can see our way to keeping the property open until Wednesday next we will do so but we cannot enter into any engagement to this effect. The Government must sooner or later buy the Island of Herm since not only does it command the entrance to the Straights but also the whole of the town and harbour of Guernsey and the probability points to the purchaser making a large profit by reselling to the Crown before many years have passed since a 35 Ton Gun properly mounted at Herm would probably have Guernsey within its power.

Our clients are not speculators; if they were, the Island would not now be in the market, but they have no longer occasion for owning it, and they have therefore instructed us to sell though they will not do so at a sacrifice.

Yours truly

Arnold & Co.

P.S. If Mr Simmonds boat is not in Guernsey Harbour you could hire the tug or Purdey's boat.*

* On the auction details is stated; “Mr Simmonds, the resident manager, will, with his boat, meet any intending purchaser at St. Peter's Port, Guernsey, by appointment.”

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