The Secund Buik o Eneados

DIRK bene my muse with dolorus armony,
Melpomene, on the warld clerkis call
For to compile this deidlie Tragedy,
Tuiching of Troy the subuersioun and fall ;
Bot sen I follow the poete principall,
Quhat nedis purches fenʒeit termes new ?
God grant me grace him dingly to ensew !

The drery fait with teris lamentable
Of Troyes sege wyde quhar our all is songe ;
Bot following Virgil, gif my wit war able,
Ane wthir wise now sall that bell be ronge,
Than evir was before hard in our tonge.
Saturne, thou ald fader of malancoly,
Thyne is the cuir my woful pen to gy.

Harkis, ladyis, ʒour bewtie was the caus;
Harkis, knychtis, the wod fury of Mart ;
Wyis men, attendis mony sorowfull claus ;
And, ʒe dissavouris, reid heir ʒour propir art ;
And fynalie, to specify euery part,
Heir verifeit is that proverb tuiching so,
All erdly glaidnes fynysith with wo.


The Prolougs