7. Tantrum

The video above is composed of 5 consecutive scenes recorded on 22 Oct 2019. It shows an attack by a fully grown young adult hedgehog on a juvenile. The low structures at left and right are food shelters accessible to hurcheons but not to the various neighbourhood cats. The clattering noise heard after about 15″ is the adult aggressor shoving a metal feeding dish about before it re-emerges to continue his or her tantrum, including the hurcheon equivalent of kicking the waste-paper basket across the room. There is a tawny owl (Strix aluco) audible in the background.

The juvenile lived to fight another day and had another encounter with the same aggressor across the drinking bowl (at right) a couple of nights later, in which there was no aggressive behaviour, so it must just have been something he or she said on the 22nd.

The camera used to record these shots is unsatisfactory. Like all the others I have tried it is VERY unreliable in what it records. In this particular instance, with two hedgehogs centre shot at the end of the sequence, it failed to record either animal leaving, thus missing the ‘end of the story’. It is also incapable of recording videos longer than 20″ at night. Many much cheaper cameras [a third of the price!] will record for up to 2 minutes at night.