15. Falderals (ii)

These clips are all best seen full screen and preferably on a decent-sized desk-top monitor. Much of the detail is too small to be seen easily on a phone or tablet. Press ESC to exit full screen.

7. The Worm That Got Away.

There is a juicy, fat worm in front of the midden lintel. It escapes like a piece of spaghetti being hoovered up by an infant. Best viewed full-screen and preferably on a computer monitor or you probably won’t see the worm.

8. The PROOF…

… that I smell worse than a tomcat. Apologies for the casual attire but three-thirty in the morning is too early for a tie and pin-stripe suit.

9. Baby Steps

As a pommel-horse dismount that would have been greeted with rapturous applause. The first and second halves were recorded about 5 minutes apart. In the second part, what I take to be mother is at ‘ground level’ while the baby is up aloft checking the vegetable midden (in the metal casserole) for juicy worms, slugs, beetles and such-like delectable morsels.

The baby continued to practise climbing, generally with more circumspection than in the above, until a week later…

The L plates should be coming off soon.

10. Nynehead Crimewave

Shocking theft of bedding from homeless refuge caught on CCTV

With the onset of somewhat cooler temperatures a refuge was opened equipped with basic amenities for the homeless. Yet within 24 hours it was targeted by a juvenile offender who made off at some speed with as much property as could be taken away in one callous, opportunistic raid. The current whereabouts of the perp. are unknown but one line of enquiry being pursued is that the notorious Tiggy-winkle Gang is attempting to establish a county line in order to launder proceeds of their criminal activities further north. The public are advised not to approach the suspect who is known to the authorities and prickly. Be vigilant. Watch this space. Report suspicious behaviour.

Special Officer Sally Henny-penny

[The camera time is BST; 06:25 hrs. was logged for GMT time of incident.]

11. Uninvited Guests

Here’s one gorgeous creature. Never seen before and not seen since.

I’m told this is probably a Bengal cat.

Here’s another visitor who has made several appearances recently.

At first I took it to be a cat holding something in its mouth. No harm befell any hurcheon.