12. How To Make A Hedgehog

As the stushie shown in the video below reminded me of an unfortunate encounter between Henry Wilt and a rose bush in Tom Sharpe’s ‘Wilt’, the suitor is Henry and the lady, who is neither for turning nor lying back and thinking of Ingerland, is Eva.

The sequence of 28 clips spans some 20 minutes of ‘real’ time action [the video lasts c. 9¾ minutes] during which Henry ‘courted’ Eva who seemed not the slightest bit interested and on a couple of occasions can be seen to ‘bark’. [This only looks like a bark; there is no accompanying sound emitted. In fact the only sound I have ever heard emitted by a hurcheon is loud snuffling and snorting. This is loud enough to be heard in a room through closed double-glazed windows, but you have to be attuned to it.] Take no notice of the recorded temperature which if anything reflects Henry’s ardour rather than prevailing meteorological conditions. Another hedgehog is in the feeder during the opening part of the sequence. Apart from the occasional baleful glance towards the love-nest, the onlooker seems more interested in food than anything else – followed by making a discrete and speedy getaway without atrracting Henry’s attention. To view ‘full screen’ click the 4-arrow symbol at lower right – next to ‘vimeo’.

I deleted the audio as it consisted mostly of an annoying hum caused by running the camera off mains electricity. The quality of the previously uploaded video was poor because controlled by google – who can’t even spell their name correctly. The version above is hosted on Vimeo who do a slightly better job than yootoob. The blue colour is what Vimeo considers appropriate – so on a par with utube. See also this Teenage Romp