Robin LINKLATER This page has a few brief details of some of my brother's work.
  Angels There used to be links to my brother's website but he doesn't currently have one.
  saax3.jpg laax3.jpg

Angels made from split and carved silver birch wood.
The wood is left as from the knife. The work is not sanded, stained or varnished.
Just riven then carved.

The ‘big’ size is about 12 inches from top to bottom and the ‘small’ one about 10 inches.
The candle holder is decorative brass and both are made to take a 5mm birthday cake sized candle.
They hang, like life, by a thread.

They cost from £100.

If you are VERY interested in something you could try emailing but don't hold youir breath!

  A very small selection from those made for my own amusement or as teaching aids for the Theatre Design students at Nottingham and (very) occasionally on commission.
cencix1.jpg owlsax1.jpg owlspx1.jpg operfx1.jpg
p1x1.jpg p2x1.jpg p3x1.jpg p5x1.jpg
p7x1.jpg p8x1.jpg p9x1.jpg  
  p5x5.jpg p5ax3.jpg
  Paper Mâché rod figures.
These were designed as prototypes for student workshop tasks. The mechanism is a pistol grip with a turning, nodding head. I also made BUNRAKU and other types of puppets.