The Maker


I specialised in incised CALLIGRAPHY on wood. The process involves burning with a hot knib and is called 'ardentia verba'. The results are permanent and do not wash off. The inscription is sufficiently deep to enable the lettering or other art work to be infilled with a contrasting colour. Most of my calligraphy was on SYCAMORE, the wood predominantly featured here, but I have used beech, cherry, apple, and birch among others. As far as I know I am the only person doing such work - there's probably a reason for that!

I used to turn a lot of wooden bowls - see image! but I don't anymore. I used mostly green [unseasoned] timber. Those who are curious to know how it is done might be interested in ‘What Became of Kilvert's Pips’ a narrative photo-adventure into the realms of GREEN TREEN which gives a step by step guide ‘How To Turn A Bowl From Green Apple.’ The images were taken to aleviate the tedium of turning my way through twenty tons of apple logs one year. They also feature.

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