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ORKNEY TIMELINE - £1.00 including map



ORKNEY TIMELINE is a summary of major events in Orkney over the last 380 million years. While mostly specific to Orkney, some notable world events relevant to Orkney are included. There is also a calendar of Orkney customs. Here are a few sample pages.

ORKNEY TIMELINE is a PDF formatted to print as an A5 booklet, i.e. currently twelve A5 sheets printed on both sides which, when folded in half, form a booklet of 48 pps plus the illustrated cover. Should you wish, they can be stapled or sewn together. Being a book-nerd I prefer the latter. (In case you don't know how: 5 holes 1" apart and starting from the inside, middle hole.) To print the pages on both sides you either need a duplex printer or, when you come to print, you must check the settings in the print dialogue - especially that the page size is set to A5. It is hard to be more precise because what works with my computer and printer may well not work on yours, so a bit of trial and error is called for.

I print the cover on paper or card slightly thicker than the rest of the pages. If you don't like the image on mine - design your own! The cover can either be stapled or sewn direct as above or attached to the pages using a gummed spine strip leaving the stitching or staples concealed. Ideally the spine strip should be of the same material used for the cover, so when it is glued to the inside of the covers it is inconspicuous. I find a strip about 2" wide and about 6" long ideal. Staple or sew the spine-strip with the pages as above. Once the spine-strip is attached to the pages, close the 'book', apply glue to the back of the strip, insert tight inside the folded cover and leave under weight till the glue is set.

Here is a map I prepared showing many of the more important archaeological and historical sites in Orkney most of which are mentioned in the booklet. The map is A4 size. I print mine on thin paper, fold it in 4, apply a thin line of glue to the bottom left hand edge and insert it inside the back cover. Before gluing the map I trim all the margins so when folded in 4 none of the edges will protrude beyond the covers.

When dry, insert in pocket and consult frequently. Ideal for revision in the pub. Enjoy!