5 February 2011 At the end of nearly a week the regulars at the new feeders remain Blue Tits, Great Tits, an occasional female Chaffinch and a Robin. Only one Robin seen at a time, with no opportunist rival seen lurking so I suspect it is the same individual. Likewise the female Chaffinch; an increasingly regular visitor on the feeders but I have only ever seen one at a time. Her female companions and all the males remain earthbound. There are occasional Coal Tits as well. STOP PRESS! I can now add Greenfinch to the list. This is particularly gratifying; having been plentiful till a couple of years ago, they have been in short supply of late. There are at least two.

 The birds do not appear to have a marked preference for any one of the 4 feeders but they land least frequently on whatever feeder is at the SE position. [See Image 9] The birds assemble mostly either in the hedge or the Viburnum. They seem to head for the nearest feeder from wherever they are perched. If the wind does not see to the random distribution of feeders I see to it occasionally myself. It's a hard life.

As soon as I can lay my hands on a supply of separate seed I shall begin the single seed preference trial. I will need 1 kg of each of the following; wheat, oats, crushed maize, crushed peas, millet, sunflower, and red dari. I will also use crushed peanuts as a control. I know the birds eat that! All that is holding me up is a supply.