Gavin Douglas


The XIII buiks o Eneados o the famous poet Virgil

Ablow are links ti Gavin Douglas' XIII Prolougs transsumpt unalteratit frae John Small's 'The Poetical Works of Gavin Douglas' [Edinburgh, 1874] which uisit the Elphynstoun MS fir 'The XIII Bukes of Eneados of the Famose Poete Virgill...'. Includit are links ti twa cutty pieces at Small publishet atween Buiks xii an xiii an a PDF o Small's Glossary ti prent as an A5 buiklet.

Proloug i Proloug ii Proloug iii Proloug iv
Proloug v Proloug vi Proloug vii Proloug viii
Proloug ix Proloug x Proloug xi Proloug xii
Proloug xiii Warkis Translatour Glossary