Captain Arthur David Linklater (1870-1951)

A brisk canter through the next 5 years will get us, with Dum, W.P. and Nelson safely to The Willows, Windsor and once more into the clutches of Dhunjibhoy. These are extracts only.

[further] Adventures of W.P.1 and Link 1924
25 January Weight 12-13 and W.P. 8-8½
12 February Paid deposit on 97
20 February Left Brooklyn for 97 Inverness Ter.
29 February Leap Year day. 1st day possession, and commencement of hotel work.
16 July W.P. interviewed Loosby, Best, Saunders 2
17 July W.P. to Eastbourne.
20 July Left 97. Went to Whitehall Hotel £8-8-0
26 July Mrs Soundy to hospital 3
24 July Handed keys of house to Lloyd noon
29 July Finally handed over 97 at noon.
31 July Operation 4
8 August Paid deposit on 32 Belsize Sq.
2 September Took possession of 32 at 11-30 a.m.
17 September Weight 11-11
Xmas Day At 32 Belsize Square
1925 See 5
1 March Commenced converting house to hotel requirements
11 April Dealings with tenants of flats finished
May Bruce to Canada
1 September Opened as Luxtun Hotel. Took 6 months to complete the overhaul and change
1926 See 6
May Bruce to Canada

  1. W.P. is Dum's wife Elsie. Subsequent years do not have this caption
  2. A firm of solicitors? three prospective tenants? or three domestic servants? No idea!
  3. Elsie's mother
  4. Whose [Mrs Soundy's?] or what not known
  5. Too busy to weigh himself.
  6. Ditto

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