Adapted from 'The Seaman's Friend...' by R. H. DANA Jr

Dana was the author of ‘Two Years Before the Mast’
[Boston: Thomas Groom & Co., 1851. 6th Edition, Revised and Corrected]
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YACHT A vessel of pleasure or state.
YARD A long piece of timber, tapering slightly toward the ends, and hung by the centre to a mast, to spread the square sails upon.
YARD-ARM The extremities of a yard.
The situation of two vessels, lying alongside one another, so near that their yard-arms cross or touch.
YAW The motion of a vessel when she goes off from her course.
YEOMAN A man employed in a vessel of war to take charge of a storeroom; as, boatswain's yeoman the man that has charge of the stores, of rigging, &c.
YOKE A piece of wood placed across the head of a boat's rudder, with a rope attached to each end, by which the boat is steered.

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