Captain Arthur David Linklater (1870-1951)


Registered in LIVERPOOL Master: R. C. SCOTT Burthen: 1480 TONS Sailing from: THE PORT OF SAN FRANCISCO To: SYDNEY, NEW SOUTH WALES Date: 27 JAN. 1897

From ‘Mariners & ships in Australian Waters’
Surname Given name Station Age Of what Nation Status
SCOTT R. C.* Master     Crew
PYE J. Mate 29 England Crew
DANIEL P. 2ND Mate 22 England Crew
ROSIN W. Carpenter 26 Sweden Crew
ROWE Jacob Cook 48 England Crew
RINGER Carl Sailmaker 49 Sweden Crew
BOER R. A. B. 34 Netherlands Crew
SCHUCHEN Peter A. B. 37 Finland Crew
MCMAYNE A. A. B. 37 Nova Scotia Crew
MAZZA W. A. B. 23 Sweden Crew
REINBERG Oscar A. B. 29 Russia Crew
DRONJER W. A. B. 24 Wales Crew
JOHANNSEN Emil A. B. 22 Sweden Crew
HOBSON Karl A. B. 24 Finland Crew
RAUSH Jakob A. B. 25 Finland Crew
BACKSARN Louis O. S. 19 Belgium Crew
VAN SCHORNBACK L. O. S. 18 Belgium Crew
DORY Peter Steward 44 Holland Crew
BOOTH W. S. 3RD Mate 21 England Crew
SHIELD Ernest Apprentice   England Crew
GARTHWAITE Thos. Young Apprentice   England Crew
WILLIAMS John Arthur Apprentice   England Crew
AULO Wm. Reid Apprentice   England Crew
LINKLATER Arthur David Apprentice   England Crew
SKUSE Wm. Ashe Apprentice   England Crew
BREEN Alan Apprentice   Holland Crew

* Captain Robert Crawford Scott. In 1897 he was aged ca. 45.

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