Index for the Songs of Robert Burns


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If you have, or intend to get, any of the Linn recordings of 'The Complete Songs of Robert Burns' the above index will help you to find the relevant text in 'The Poems and Songs of Robert Burns' edited by James Kinsley. (Clarendon Press, 1968) - far and away the best edition. Or you can of course edit the text to suit the page numbers of your preferred edition.

The PDF is laid out to print A5 double sided and fold in half as an A6 booklet. The INDEX contains the following information in the following order.

  • CD number . track number
  • First line as in Kinsley - NOT the Linn track 'titles' [which are inconsistent and inaccurate]
  • Poem/song number in Kinsley ~ Kinsley volume number ~ Page number

For some mad reason my set of Linn CDs are numbered consecutively from 1 to 10 then; 11, 11b, 12. Needless to say I eschew such silliness in the above index so their 11b is my 12, their 12 my 13.

That Burns should feature on a website now focussed on my family history is not entirely inappropriate. As a young girl, a relation of mine called Alicia Flint [1828-1912] met Burns' Clarinda, more properly known as Mrs Agnes McLehose, when the latter was “then a very old lady.” For more about that, see Alicia Flint

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