ORKNEY TIMELINE is a booklet summarising major events in Orkney over the last 380 million years. While mostly specific to Orkney, some notable world events relevant to Orkney are included. There is also a calendar of Orkney customs and a map.

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Orkney Timeline

ORKNEY TIMELINE is formatted to print as an A5 booklet, i.e. currently twelve A5 sheets printed on both sides which, when folded in half, form a booklet of 48 pps plus illustrated cover and map. Here are a few sample pages. The booklet can be stapled or sewn together. Being a book-nerd I prefer the latter. (In case you don't know how: starting about ¾” in from the top edge make 5 needle-holes spaced about 1”" apart through the centre fold of the pages. Then sew as in diagram below. [Click to enlarge.] Tie A and B together with a couple of granny-knots to finish. The booklet will be supplied printed both sides on A5 flat, unfolded sheets.


The cover, showing part of the Pictish stone found on the Brough of Birsay, is printed on paper slightly thicker than the rest of the pages and can either be stapled or sewn direct as above. Or, to avoid stitching showing on the outside of the cover, it can be attached to the pages using a gummed spine strip to conceal the stitching or staples. I find a strip 2” wide and about 6” long ideal. In place of the cover, staple or sew the spine-strip to the pages as above. Once the spine-strip is attached to the pages, close the booklet, apply glue to the back of the strip. Insert tight inside the folded cover and leave under weight till the glue is set.

The map shows many of the more important archaeological and historical sites in Orkney most of which are mentioned in the booklet. The map is roughly A4 size and printed on thin paper and folded in 4. It can be glued inside the back cover with a thin line of glue applied to the bottom left hand edge. When you have assembled the booklet, insert in pocket and consult frequently. Ideal for revision in the pub. Enjoy!

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