I am interested in books on Orkney. Below is a list of titles I am actively seeking [2018]. Where possible I prefer hard-back with dust jacket. I'll settle for a good reprint where first or early editions are scarce or prohibitively expensive e.g. Mackenzie's ‘Orcades’ ! I am a three-figure rather than a four-figure buyer. I know about Abe and buy a lot there. I know about Amazon and Ebay and buy there as little as possible, especially Ebay which increasingly seems to be a dumping-ground for poor quality or defective dealers' stock. If you have any of the books below for sale please email   Thanks for looking! 12.vii.2018

J. Backlund War or Peace? Relations between Picts and Norse in Orkney
M.P.Barnes The Runic Inscriptions of Maeshowe, Orkney
J.H.Barrett Being an Islander: Productions and Identity at Quoygrew, Orkney, AD 900-1600
J Hudson Beattie & H M Buss Undelivered Letters to Hudson's Bay Company Men on the Northwest Coast of America, 1830-57
Jo Ben Descriptio Insularum Orchadiarum Anno 1529 [Kirkwall, 1867]
G. F. Black Witchcraft and Witchcraft Trials in Orkney and Shetland
S. Brink & N. Price The Viking World
A. L. Buck et al [eds] Coasts and Seas of the United Kingdom: Region 2: Orkney.
Anne Buxton and Jacqueline McEwan The Orkney Chronicles 1900 & 1989
R.G.Cant The Church in Orkney and Shetland...
T.O. Clancy The Triumph Tree ...
Kenneth Cook Eliza Fraser
Barbara E. Crawford The Earldom of Orkney and Lordship of Shetland: A re-interpretation of their pledging to Scotland
Barbara E. Crawford The Orkney Arms
Barbara E. Crawford The Pawning of Orkney and Shetland [Scot.Hist.Rev. 1969]
Barbara E. Crawford The Papar in the North Atlantic.
Barbara E. Crawford [ed] St Magnus Cathedral and Orkney's Twelth Century Renaissance
Barbara E. Crawford Scandinavian Scotland
Walter Traill Dennison Notes on Orkney Folklore [Scottish Antiquary vol viii]
G. Donaldson A Northern Commonwealth. Scotland and Norway [Saltire Soc. 1990]
W P Drever Udal Law in the Orkneys and Zetland
W P Drever Udal Law and the Foreshore
Alexander Fenton The Northern and Western Isles in the Viking World
Howie Firth Tales of Long Ago
Margaret Flaws Teeos and Tea-flooers
David Fraser Land and Society in Neolithic Orkney
I. De Geer Earl, Saint, Bishop, Skald - and Music
Ernest Hood My Island Home
Margaret Hunter [trans] Jo Ben's Orkney
Liz Johnston St Magnus Cathedral Gravestones
M.A. Lange The Norwegian Scots
Eric Linklater The Man On My Back [1st in d.w. only]
Eric Linklater A Year of Space [1st in d.w. only]
George MacGregor Jnr Descriptive Notes on Orkney
Murdoch Mackenzie Orcades
W. Mackay MacKenzie The Dragonesque Figure in Maeshowe, Orkney [Proc.Soc.Ant.Scot lxxi 1936/7]
Hugh Marwick Orkney Farm Names
Hugh Marwick Orkney Poems
James Miller Scapa, Britain's Famous Wartime Naval Base
Moira and Moira Kirkwall and Stromness in Okney
Robert Monteith Description of the Islands of Orkney and Zetland
David W Moore The Other British Isles: A History of Shetland, Orkney etc.
Tom Muir Orkney in the Sagas
Capt D J Munro Scapa Flow
Conor O'Brien Sea-boats, Oars and Sails
D. Omand [ed] The Orkney Book [N.B. Edinburgh, 2003]
Richard Oram Scottish Prehistory
Archibald Paige Witchcraft and Witch Trials in Orkney
A. Peterkin Notes on Orkney and Shetland
R.O. Pringle On the Agriculture of the Islands of Orkney
G. M. Ramsay Report to the Board of Education for Scotland on … Orkney and Shetland
Suzanne Rigg Men of Spirit and Enterprise
Anna and Graham Ritchie Scotland: Archaeology and Early History
George Robertson History of Stromness 1920-1972
Lynette Russell Constructions of Colonialism: Perspectives on Eliza Fraser's Shipwreck
Mrs Maxwell Scott St Magnus of the Orkneys [Catholic Truth Soc]
Sebastian Seibert Reception and Construction of the Norse Past in Orkney
Richard W Skinner U-297 The History and Discovery of a lost U-Boat
William Smith Sandwick 120 Years Ago - Orkney Miscellany iv ?
Stromness Museum booklets The Wey Hid Wis
Paul H. Sutherland Mirth, Madness & St Magnus and the eccentric Sheriff Thoms
A. Taylor The Story of Coastguards in Orkney
Lieut. Fred. Wm. Leopd. Thomas Sailing Directions for the Orkneys
William P.L. Thomson Lord Henry Sinclair's 1492 Rental of Orkney
Thormodus Torfaeus Ancient History of Orkney, Caithness and the North. [trans. By Rev. Alexander Pope]
Patrick White A Fringe of Leaves [Eliza Fraser fiction]
Caroline Wickham-Jones Between the Wind and the Water: World Heritage Orkney
David Wilson The Viking Achievement
Periodicals and misc. publications
  The County Directory of Scotland
  The London Magazine or Gentleman's Monthly Intelligencer vol xlvii 1778 [must include map & description of Orkney]
  Morals: Report of the Committee on Morals appointed by the Synod of Orkney
  Peat: Scottish Peat Survey Vol 4: Caithness, Orkney and Shetland
  The Postal Communcation with the Orkney Islands
  Sailing Directions and Anchorages. N & NE Scotland And Orkney Islands
  The Scottish Historical Review, Volume XLVIII, I: Number 145 (April 1969) [must include Orkney & Shetland union with Scotland