My interest in my ancestors arose when sorting through my parents' papers. This inevitably led to my taking notice of Orkney. I had been to Orkney a number of times before my parents died. Among other notable trips was one in 1973 when I proposed to my wife, Sally, on Rackwick Beach - and was accepted!


It was only after embarking on research into my family history that my interest in Orkney assumed manic proportions, the main evidence for which are my groaning book shelves to whose insatiable appetite I pander with the quest for ever more books. If you have any that feature on my List of Desiderata please get in touch. What started as a modest attempt at a bit of genealogy has since suffered severe mission creep; one page starts 380 million ago when Linklaters could only have been a dim twinkle in the eyes of a trilobites - although which of the 17,000 species is far from clear. Even 380 million ago there is a connection with Orkney. Hugh Miller's ‘Footprints of the Creator’ is sub-titled ‘The Asterolepis of Stromness’ long since extinct but looking somewhat like this.


Other pages deal with aspects of Orkney's extensive prehistory and history but they all have one thing in common; they ineterst me. Perhaps they will interest you. This website is far from complete and, in the nature of such things, probably never will be. There are many gaps and uncertainties, and the whole is more-or-less under constant review. If you spot any solecisms or can fill in any gaps please do not hesitate to get in touch.

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