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William BELL

about 1856 - about 1922

Life History

about 1856


about 1922


Other facts


Married Margaret

EVELYN: William Bell was the only son of Mary Bell. He was about ten years older than mother. He was good looking and undisciplined and ran away from his school. I don't think he did a good day's work in his life. He was very charming and excellent company and amusing when in a good mood, but got easily depressed and morose. This is what Mother told me about him, because I don't remember ever seeing him.

He married ‘Aunt Maggie’ who was not of his social class, [she sounds altogether superior!] but made him a true and good wife. She was the daughter of a small dairy keeper who had his place of business at the gate to Kelvinside House. She thought him wonderful and worked for him and stood by him all her life. She was of sterling worth. I remember her quite well. Not at all pretty, rather gaunt, with one eye completely closed, due to an injury with scissors when she was a child. He didn't drink but he was an inveterate gambler. Horses were his downfall. He didn't like work either. There were, I believe, many scenes when, he would suddenly arrive asking for money immediately from Mother and Robin or from James Linklater, Amelia's husband. Finally he got and stayed in a job as caretaker and lift man in a block of offices in the Strand - he didn't work the lift, Aunt Maggie did!

She was much respected by the firm which employed them. Uncle Willie would be sitting in their nice flat upstairs picking 'winners' with a pin! He died in hospital in 1922, of, I am afraid, the same disease which has carried so many of one side of our family off. His body was brought to Glasgow and buried in the family vault. Mother and Robin drove to the funeral, with Aunt Maggie. When they went through the Kelvinside district, Aunt Maggie lent forward and said: “Kelvinslde, Mary!” After the funeral mother said to her: “There is only one place now it the vault, Maggie, and that is for you.”

She came back to live in Glasgow. Robin [Evelyn's father] found her a small house. She was very crippled with arthritis. She died about three years later, and she lies beside her old man in the family vault in the Necropolis in Glasgow.