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Harry Clifton SOUNDY

18th Sep 1863 - 31st Aug 1922

Life History

18th Sep 1863


31st Aug 1922


Sylvia identified the above photograph as follows: The [photograph] which includes the little girl with the big hair is, I believe not the great grandparents, but Uncle Harry and his wife Daisy - certainly the girl is Phyllis, who was Doris' [Elsie surely?] great great friend - they were only born a few months apart. Harry was the eldest son and married quite late. He died aged 58 on 31 Aug 1922 (on Phyllis 14th birthday). I took copies of a few others when at Andrews which were taken at the same location, which I believe to be their house at Malabar Hill. Harry was a well-known photographer inBombay - “Clifton & Co” photo studio.