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Robin Valdemar LINKLATER

4th May 1945 -

Life History

4th May 1945


about 1968

Married Morven HUTCHINS


Married Paula Jean THOMPSON in Bridlington

30th Dec 1976

Birth of daughter Holly Olivia LINKLATER in Nogttingham

29th Jun 1978

Birth of son Thomas Valdemar LINKLATER in Nottingham

3rd Aug 1984

Birth of daughter Harriet Lucy LINKLATER in Nottingham

Other facts


Divorced from Morven HUTCHINS

Born in Carmarthen. Welsh see?

The photo above was carefully preserved by Naena and Evelyn along with the text referred to in the caption which reads as follows.

WORKING HIS WAY. Twenty-one year old Robin Linklater, who is a first year photographic student at Harrow Technical College, is working in the evenings at the Palace Theatre Watford, to help pay for his studies.

Before going to Harrow Technical College, Robin took a theatre designer's course at Wimbledon School of Art and gained his National Diploma at the age of 19. For the next six months his work took him to a different kind of theatre - hospital operating theatres - where he worked mostly at night on emergency cases.

He did this partly because he had always been interested in medicine, partly to get some experience of photography in operating theatres, and partly to pay for a new camera.

FOR DECOR. Robin then returned to the stage, getting a job with Bristol Old Vic. There he helped to make props, which varied from very small objects to a car. When the Bristol Old Vic closed for the summer, he did some wardrobe work for the Edinburgh Festival with a London costumier.

It was at that time that a friend suggested Harrow Technical College to him as one of the leading schools in the photographic field. He applied and was accepted as a student, and intends to take his A.I.B.P. and A.R.P.S.

He hopes one day to be able to use photography in stage decor.

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